here is our complete walkthrough on exactly how to complete In her Heart shall Burn In Dragon Age: Inquisition, including how to save all townspeople.

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Split photo of Chantry in Haven and Corypheus
as soon as you're 30 hours and also 10 levels into Dragon Age: Inquisition, you've currently gone v some pretty significant quests. However, In her Heart chandelier Burn is prepared to tear down all of your expectations. It's a vital main pursuit that the player must complete after recruiting either the mages or templars. This overview details every little thing you have to know about the quest, in addition to a few pro tips to make your life easier.

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Quest Location: Haven Level: Recommended for levels 8-11 Previous Quest: In Hushed Whispers or Champions that the simply Notes: Keep in psychic that particular content, quests, and also locations will end up being unavailable after beginning this quest

The development And Attack

Dragon age Inquisition - military attacking Haven
in ~ the start of this quest, you successfully close the Breach — despite it isn't totally healed and a scar stays in the sky. However, this is many of factor to celebrate! transparent Haven, civilization are dancing approximately campfires, singing, eating, and drinking... That is, until an army begins its attack on the small village. If you recruited the mages come the Inquisition, the Templars will be attacking, and also vice versa.

Dragon age Inquisition - Cullen in cutscene increasing his sword
You'll be prompted to head in the direction of Haven's main gate. As you happen the townspeople, it might be precious noting whereby the named NPCs are, as you'll need to rescue them later and they'll be in approximately the same place. Once you do reach the gate, you'll one of two people be greeted by Dorian or Cole (whoever friend haven't met already) and they'll describe that the mages or templars have end up being corrupted.

Dragon period Inquisition - player fighting beside Trebuchet via
You'll require to male Haven's trebuchets and keep the army at bay.

The very first one you technique is the northern trebuchet. There's a crew of employees there trying to fire it, however they're gift overwhelmed by opponents. You'll must defeat three waves of these enemies before they're all set to fire — you'll be able to track your development via a gauge onscreen.

Tip: transparent this mission, there are "supply caches" scattered roughly Haven so the you have consistent access to health potions. There's one available at the north trebuchet, but shot not to take it it yet. You'll be earlier to this area later for a more difficult fight and will more than likely need it then.

when the north trebuchet has actually fired, you'll it is in asked to aid out an additional one the isn't firing. Prior to you leave this area, though, be sure to loot all the dead bodies — they'll despawn when you're gone.

Dragon age Inquisition - player standing beside Trebuchet via u/D4nkViking top top Reddit
once you reach the other, southerly trebuchet, you'll realize that the world manning it have been killed and it's currently swarming through enemies. As quickly as those opponents are dead another wave will appear, so don't let her guard down also quickly. If you need it, there's a supply cache top top the right-hand side of the trebuchet (no must save this one because that later). currently that there space no opponents in your way, male the trebuchet yourself! There's a wheel to turn on the side and turning it reasons a gauge to appear. Once that's full, it'll fire and also cause one avalanche. RELATED: Dragon age Inquisition Still has actually Some the The ideal Environmental architecture In video Games

Next, a Dragon will damage the trebuchet and also you must retreat.

Tip: save after the dragon's cutscene plays to stop redoing too lot of the mission.

during your trek back, you'll be confronted with number of townspeople in distress. as soon as you obtain close enough, a search goal will certainly be included to your list. There room six objectives in total for saving seven people.

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Anyone you save will proceed to job-related for the Inquisition, but those you select not to help or rescue will certainly die and also their job will be excellent by someone new from here on out. It's tricky however entirely possible to conserve everyone (and, if you pull it off, it earns extra approval from Varric and Vivienne on optimal of the experience and also influence it currently provides).

If you carry out want to save everyone...

continue with caution — when the quest goal for a person's rescue has been included to your log, there's a time limit before they die of their unfortunate circumstances. However, there's no limit to the amount of time between rescues. Save after ~ each successful rescue to avoid having to redo them all if you mess one up.

Optional: aid Harritt

as you head back towards the gates, you'll pass Harrit the Blacksmith. the calls the end to girlfriend for help and defines that he demands to acquire inside a surrounding building; its door is blocked by toppled wooden boxes. If you choose to help him, just use a weapon or spell (anything explosive is bound come work) to ruin the boxes because that him.

Optional: Rescue Lysette

The search goal to "rescue Lysette" is instantly gained after ~ the cutscene plays wherein Cullen closes the gates. To assist her, climb the stairs you're on and turn right automatically — she's fighting enemies past the wall made that spiky wooden logs. Note: Lysette is actually an exception to the rule; gift a solid warrior in her own right, if friend don't aid her, she still survives the mission.