Mark of honor is a Level 1 item in Shadowlands that can be exchanged for tradition weapons.

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By Raaj critical updated Aug 21, 2021


I am marking down all essential locations where you can discover Mark of honor vendors. Some areas are multiple vendors and are basic to find.

Shadowloads: find Purveyor Zo’kuul or Zo’sorg within The Enclave in Oribos.Battle because that Azeroth: walk to battle Headquarters, the Salt and Shanty, and find Marshal Gabriel. You have to be ~ above the Alliance next to discover the Marshal. Yet if you room on the horde next then discover Xander Silberman in the war Hadquarters.

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Legion: walk to Greyfang Enclave and look for Lt. Surtees & Captain Roberts. Go to Windrunner’s Sanctuary and look for Apothecary Lee and also Sarah the Savage. Warlords the Draenor: There space multiple vendors in the Stormshield. You have the right to pick one of the below:Bregg Coppercast (Alliance)Ingrid Blackingot (Alliance)Slugg Spinbolt (Alliance)Holly McTilla (Alliance)Li “Crunchpaw” Tsang (Alliance)Amelia Clarke (Alliance)Stone security Brokefist (Horde)Fobbly Kickfix (Horde)Blood security Axelash (Horde)Malukah Lightsong (Horde)Class Dawnstrider (Horde)Tae’loxe Soulshrivel (Horde)Mists the Pandaria: walk to Serpent’s Spin. Speak to one of the following vendors based on your faction.Starlight Sinclair (Alliance)Ethan Natice (Alliance)Armsmaster Holinka (Alliance)Hayden Cristophen (Alliance)Lucan Malory (Alliance)Lol’nor Bloodifst (Horde)Doris Chiltonius (Horde)Roo Desvin (Horde)Acon Deathwielder (Horde)Shonn Su (Horde)Cataclysm: walk to Gagetzan in Tanaris and buy from among the below vendors. Both Hordes and Alliance players deserve to visit them.Vixton PunchwhistleBlazzek the BiterTiny TaygerCapps CarlinWrath the the Lich King: walk to Old Dalaran’s Underbelly and also explore the circle of Wills.Trapjaw RixBlazik FireclawHerwin SteampopXazi SmolderpipeZom BocomKylo KelwinBurning Crusade: it is simple to uncover vendors in the Netherstorm region, just go come Area 52.Kezzik the StrikerKitzie CrankshotBlaze MagmaburnIzzee the ClutchMarks that Honor: big Zokk TorquewrenchGrex BrainboilerTini SmallsLeeni “Smiley” SmallsKrixel Pinchwhistle