The Whataburger honey BBQ Chicken piece Sandwich is one of their most loved chicken sandwich food selection items. If you nothing live close to a Whataburger, you can still make among them at home.

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If you have actually never to be to Whataburger, you will soon discover out the they sell much more than burgers. Some of their well-known menu items encompass their Chicken Fajitas, Grilled Chicken chest Sandwiches, Cinnamon rolls, Honey-butter biscuits, Breakfast-on-a-bun.

Everything is cooked come order and you have the right to have her food customized any way you desire.

The honey barbeque chicken strip sandwich is just one of Whataburger’s all-time favorites.

Whataburger History

Everyone who has uncovered Whataburger loves what you can obtain to eat there. Whataburger dates earlier to 1950 once Harmon Dobson envisioned a huge, five-inch burger that would certainly make people say “What a burger!” The an initial restaurant, in body Christi, Texas, just made $191 total in the an initial three days.

Then native got roughly that Harmon’s burgers to be one inch bigger than everyone else’s and on the 4th day, Harmon tape-recorded the complying with in his diary: “Big day – $141.80 – What a workhorse – 551 burgers.”

A Texas Treasure

In 1961, when Whataburger had actually over seventeen locations, the an initial iconic white-and-orange strip A-Frame restaurant building was opened in Odessa, Texas. The reason for the brightly-colored roofs? Harmon was a pilot and also wanted them come be watched from the sky. (Sadly Harmon died in a aircraft crash in 1967.)

In 2001, the same year the honey BBQ Chicken strip Sandwich make its debut, the Texas legislative designated Whataburger together an main Texas Treasure.

Today, Whataburger is tho a family-owned organization with an ext than 800 restaurants across ten states. Whatasuccess! Whataburger’s history is really interesting.

About the honey BBQ Chicken piece Sandwich

This renowned sandwich has actually crispy chicken tender strips, Monterey jack cheese, and also honey barbecue sauce in between slices of thick and buttery Texas toast.


Here’s a perform of what you need:

Texas ToastButterMonterey Jack Cheese slicesHoney barbecue sauceChicken tendersAll-purpose flourSaltPepperGarlic saltButtermilkOil because that frying

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How to do a Chicken piece Sandwich

Combine flour, salt, pepper, and also garlic salt in a bowl.Pourbuttermilk into the flour mixture and also stir to combine.Coat the chicken tenders through the batter and also place castle on a rack and enable them to dry.Heat oil to 350 degrees.Gently place a couple of of the stop chicken tenders right into the hot oil.Cook till they are golden brown.Butter both political parties of the Texas Toast.Flip the bread over and brown the other side the the bread.Place three chicken strips on four slices of bread.Top strips with Monterey Jack Cheese.Spread barbecue sauce top top the remaining 4 slices the bread.Place bread with BBQ sauce on height of the cheese.

Whataburger honey Barbecue Sauce

Get saucy – this sticky and also sweet sauce is a big treat ~ above chicken. I bet you didn’t understand that you deserve to purchase Whataburger’s love husband BBQ Sauce online. It’s therefore much much easier to buy Whataburger’s really sauce 보다 trying to make it yourself.

You can imagine you’re eating at a Whataburger’s while never leaving your house. Listed below are three links I discovered if you don’t happen to live near an HEB or main Market keep where you can just walk in and also buy the sauce.

Other sauces the you should shot are their spicy ketchup, your mustard, and also their creamy pepper dressing. All room so good, it makes it difficult when you walk there once you need to decide i m sorry sauce you space going come enjoy.


If did you do it never consumed one of this honey barbecue chicken piece sandwiches, you’re around to uncover out just what you’ve been missing.

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If you’re not blessed with having a Whataburger close to you, this mouthwatering sandwich can conveniently be made at home.

Just be cautious when you’re biting right into this delicious sandwich the you don’t gain BBQ sauce anywhere your shirt!


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