when Shakespeare wrote: "When sorrows come, castle come not solitary spies, however in battalions", why didn"t he placed an "as" prior to "single spies"?



In this type of context, where the in the name of is a second subject complement, EME go not need as v nominals, just as we still don"t require it with adjectivals:

He came galumphing back. He came residence defeated.

Here"s a non-Shakespearean example:

Firſt, comes a Little-One : come ſshew, that hee is food because that Little-Ones ; <...> A little One hee comes, indigenous the leaſt that the urban ; Little, the Accompt : Little, in illustration ; that we can not it is in afraid come come neere him. <...> and laſtly, he come a Little-One to us, to ſhew, us muſt come, together Little-Ones, to him. —Austin, Devotionis Augustinianae Flamma, 1635

So Shakespeare can include as or omit it; and also the meter here calls for omission.

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Mainly to keep metre, yet perhaps also to do it a metaphor rather 보다 a simile. The metaphor sounds more arrogant, much more assertive, i beg your pardon matches Claudius" character.

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