as soon as the snows fall and also the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies yet the pack survives.

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I don't think she's introduce to the demise of any type of remaining Stark, just the opposite. Ned is the lone wolf, Robb is the lone wolf. They're already gone. The pack are Sansa, Jon, Bran & Arya, quiet standing, tho surviving. They're joined & the strongest they've ever before been due to the fact that they all left Winterfell.

As much as I understand Ned said that to Arya in the books. In the show, however, it migth have completely different meaning. I don't think it involves Jon in ~ all. But rather Littlefinger. Since he is kind of a lone wolf at the moment in Winterfell.

Obviously the snow falling may imply actual eye falling, since it is winter. But could it describe the fall of Jon Snow? The various other Snow can be referring to Ramsay Snow,

I think snow method just troubles or trouble... Choose their words the say "Winter is coming" which is an advice to be alert, now everything might be fine however the winter (times of trouble) are constantly coming. So when the snow fall and also the white winds blow (when winter is lastly here), the lone wolf dies but the fill survives.

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I am concerned this can be introduce to Arya.

She has been on her own basically due to the fact that the beginning of the show, and also now she extension, Nymeria is the Lone Dire wolf in the south, and also leading her own pack of wolves....

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I think Arya will take the end a ton the White Walkers making use of the knife Bran gave her(its valyrian steel), save her siblings in the process.. And then she dies herself. Climate Sansa's an initial encounter with the superordinary will be through White walker Arya.

When Bran gives arya the knife, he claims "It would be the no usage to a cripple" yet yet in an earlier season who is talking about how v some creative thinking he would certainly still be able to hunt, ride, and live a common life.... Therefore is it the the knife isn't helpful to a cripple... Or it isn't useful for a cripple versus white walkers?