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SUMMARYThen the Winged Hussars come is a famous meme generally on YouTube that maybe takes a nod from the Rick role meme the old.

The meme has content prividors taking a sad or sluggish song (most that the time) and then the text from the track "Winged Hussars" by the strength metal team Sabaton through occasionally much more lyrics complying with by v "coming under the mountainside" and during the text being attach by a clip from either a film featuring the Hussars, activity figures of them simply floating across the display screen (the second being an ext comedic), or ultimately just simply nothing. Another variant of this is by simply plastering "Then the Winged Hussars arrived" (either in hat or as presented) in comment of regularly sad or sluggish songs top top YouTube.

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It is unknown if the band recognizes the meme"s existence for no well-known comment through the Sabaton"s YouTube account or through "Nuclear Blast" the Record company that often releases Sabaton songs

ORIGINThe beginning of "When the Winged Hussars arrived" is indigenous the teaser release of the Sabaton album "The last Stand" through the earliest recognized teaser release known being native YouTube user "We space Sabaton" ~ above July 3, 2016 (on YouTube). The sample conveniently spread to various other users. The meme an initial surfaced once Reddit User "Meshakhad" requested on "r/sabaton" come to be a meme and also as quoted said "Someone on YouTube actually had actually a funny idea: including "AND climate THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!" come sad or sluggish songs. I difficulty audio editor to execute this. For example:

Ever since it started on Kristallnacht "38When liberty died, and truth to be deniedSent away on trains on a one-way pilgrimage to hellEnter the gates, Auschwitz awaits!THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED!"

Reddit User "ProjectSeventy" is one of the first known individuals to carry out this and began the chain once other Redditers did the same and eventually the YouTube community proper.


In the Civilisation 6 start trailer, the picture is denote (potentially). Together the narrative and also music become melancholy, cavalry wearing winged armour (winged hussars) appear and also charged into a battle. But this is up to speculation