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Intro:When you see "broken beyond repair",I check out "healing past belief."When you view "too much gone",I view "one action away from home."Verse 1:How many times deserve to one heart break?It was never claimed to it is in this way.Look in the mirror, but you find someone you never thought you"d be.Oh, however I have the right to still recognizethe one i love in your tear stained eyes.I recognize you could not watch it now, so, lift her eyes come Me.Chorus:When you watch "broken past repair",I check out "healing beyond belief."When you see "too far gone" (too far gone),I watch "one step away from home."When you see "nothing but damaged goods",I check out "something great in the making."I"m no finished yet.When you check out "wounded",I watch "mended."Oh.Verse 2:You see your worst mistake.But I watch the price i paid.There"s nothing you might ever carry out to shed what Grace has actually won.So, host on it"s not the end.No, this is where Love"s job-related begins.I"m making all points new.And I will make a wonder of you.Chorus:When you see "broken past repair",I see "healing beyond belief."When you watch "too far gone" (too much gone),I watch "one action away native home."You watch "nothing yet damaged goods",I see "something good in the making."I"m no finished yet. Noo.When you check out "wounded",I view "mended."Bridge:I see My child, my beloved.The new creation, you"re becoming.You watch the scars from when you fell,but I watch the stories they will tell.You see "worthless,"but I see "priceless."You see "pain",but I see a purpose.You see "unworthy, undeserving."But I watch you with eyes of Mercy.When you see "broken past repair",I see "healing beyond belief."You"re not too far gone.You"re one action away from home!Chorus:When you watch "nothing but damaged goods",I see "something an excellent in the making."I"m no finished yet. Noo.When you view "wounded",I see "mended."Outro:(When you watch broken past repair) Ooh.(I view healing beyond belief)I check out mended.(When you check out too far gone)Whoa!(I see one action away from home)Oh, I check out mended!(When you view nothing yet damaged goods)(I check out something good in the making)I"m no finished yet.When you see wounded,I watch mended.