For every house with central heating and air, there are dozens with window air conditioning units. Component of the popularity is because home window AC units are much cheaper 보다 a central system. The finest models can run you out of a room in minutes, yet they space not without your faults. One of the many common comes to for homeowners v a window AC unit is dripping water, and also it’s something girlfriend are most likely to encounter eventually.

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Whether girlfriend have significant water dripping inside your home or a steady trickle outside, correcting the problem can it is in a rapid fix if you understand where to start. That means you shouldn’t have actually to speak to in a expert if you follow our guide, which will show you just how to take treatment of a home window air conditioner leaking water.

Understanding window Air air conditioning Systems

Window waiting conditioners room designed come fit right into a wide variety of windows, consisting of sliders that close indigenous left to right and double-hung windows. Most civilization understand the cool waiting is blown right into your house while exhaust top outdoors, the a an excellent idea to know a bit an ext about how a window AC unit works prior to attempting to resolve a leaking water issue.

Window AC devices are hefty but reasonably simple when you peel earlier their shell. Various models can have slightly different styles, return they will certainly all function in the exact same fashion. Top top the front, over there are constantly a collection of controls and also a grill through a filter behind it. Heat air passes in and through the filter prior to encountering the evaporator coil.

Beneath the room cover, you’ll discover a blower and fan ~ above the inside of the unit on one side. On the other, yes a compressor on the opposite side. While you’ll uncover some various bells & whistles depending on the layout and type of window AC unit friend choose, most will have a drainpipe or drip pan, which faces excess water led to by condensation.


Keep in mind, there are several types of window AC units, including models with sling rings. Castle “sling” water top top the coil rather of draining it from the back of the system. Some of those models have drainpipe plugs, conversely, others carry out not, so acquire your manual handy if you have actually one or recognize the make and model before attempting to address any worry with your unit.

Fixing a Dripping window AC Unit

One of the first things we desire you to consider before breaking out your toolset or water water tap is exactly how long the unit has actually been leaking. Has actually it just been dripping end the past week, or go it take place on a seasonal basis?

That’s necessary to keep in mind, as part homeowners have been dealing with drips for years, if it might have become an overnight concern for others. Regardless of as soon as the dripping started, it’s crucial to save an eye ~ above the situation and deal with it quickly.

You can wipe away water on hardwood or various other bare flooring surfaces, however the damages may already be done if you have carpet and a constant drip you’ve faced seasonally for a couple of years. It’s also important to think around where your window air conditioner is placed and also who set up it if you’re having actually a leaking problem.

Check the drain Hole

The most typical reason for a home window air conditioner leaking water is because of a tiny hole top top the earlier of the unit. It’s commonly referred to as a drainpipe hole, and also if it becomes clogged, water will have actually no ar to go. The can cause it to drip water right into your residence quickly, relying on the weather outside and also how long it’s in action on a daily basis.


Look ~ above the back or bottom of the unit to see if there is a remarkable clog. If girlfriend don’t see a hole, you may have a slinger pan or a mechanism with a straightforward drain plug. If it’s plugged, eliminate the plug and permit any water inside to drainpipe out.

With a sling-ring mechanism that doesn’t have a drainpipe hole, consult your user manual, however whatever friend do, DO no drill a brand-new hole in the bottom. It’s also important to know that some AC units need a little water inside to work-related efficiently, so again, read the hands-on when in doubt.

You will see countless threads online, and also even a few videos the say drilling a hole in the bottom of your window AC unit will aid with draining issues. Well, that have the right to be true in details conditions and also climates, however it’s not a an excellent idea. You can puncture your Freon heat or damage one more component, which will certainly be an high-quality mistake.

If you notice twigs, mud, or anything else blocking the drain hole, remove it, and you must see water start to trickle out again. Even dirt and dust have the right to clog up the drainpipe port end time once there is no clearly shows blockage. With drain pans, you just need to eliminate the pan and also empty if that full. That something girlfriend shouldn’t need to do on contemporary machines, however, unless you have the wrong kind of mechanism for your house or the malfunctioning.

Improper Installation

Was your home window AC unit installed by yourself and a few buddies over the weekend or through a professional? If you decided to take it the DIY route, that might be the trouble as the improper installation that a window AC unit is a huge reason because that leaks inside. If you’ve moved the unit from one room come another, surroundings is simply as critical. You constantly need to check weather stripping, side retainers, and filler panels as well.

Window wait conditioners v a drainage system should be tilted slightly backward more often 보다 not. The an area whereby you’ll desire to describe the manufacturer’s instructions, however a level deserve to tell you all you should know. If your eyeballs or a level speak you the unit is tilted forward and your window air conditioner leaks water, the trouble is apparent.

One reason your unit may have actually tilted from the moment you installed it is brackets and rails. Vinyl home window systems may have a safety and security lock in place, or girlfriend may discover a pair of lengthy screws securing the unit come the home window sill. For sure these space tight, and also as they must be, and nothing demands to be replaced. The very same goes for support brackets. Depending on the system, a rapid adjustment to the bracket could be every you need to collection your window AC unit directly again.

There’s no magic number for how far your unit demands to tile because that perfect drainage, yet Frigidaire proposal tilting the an equipment at the very least 2 - 4° downwards towards the external of your residence for numerous of your systems. For LG’s 7,500 BTU unit, they say a ½” will carry out the trick while GE proposal a 1/3 bubble making use of a level top top a few of your systems. The suggest is, make sure you have enough of one angle because that water to flow backward, not forward, and also refer to your manual when in doubt.

The Filter

This one is hit or miss, yet we’ve checked out plenty that homeowners case their window air conditioner stopped leaking water when they addressed this problem. Air filters or filters, in general, serve critical purpose in any device. With window AC units, once your filter it s okay dirty, the system have the right to bog down, and also it can occur quickly relying on the air high quality in your home.


Air filters catch particles and dust together air is pulled into the system, and also while it’s straightforward to forget to inspect them, it’s well worth her time. Clean an evaporator coil no cheap or easy, for this reason it payment to save it your filter clean in stimulate to protect against a range of difficulties down the line. Rust and other points can build up in your device over time together well, so a good cleaning might solve your problem when every else fails.


Q: Why go my window air conditioner do a vibrating noise?

A: The vibration can be coming from the wall where the unit installed or because of wrong installation.

Q: Why is my home window air conditioner dripping exterior when there’s no drain?

A: This is typical on plenty of systems during weather whereby the humidity is high.

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Q: my AC unit renders a pinging noise it is annoying at night?

A: Generally, a pinging noise is water hitting the condenser, yet it could also be water dripping into the pan if the dry. It counts on the model, but pings aren’t necessarily a sign of her system’s demise.

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