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Reddit/Tech Insider Reddit deserve to be a challenging egg come crack.The site"s user-submitted content frequently spirals right into inside hoax that just the veteran users might understand. Yet sometimes the crumb trace is left for newbies come find.Case in point: /r/wheredidthesodago.

The sidebar summary of "Where walk the soda go" states: "This is a subreddit for ads take away out the context in animated images."

Still confused? We can help. Scroll down to learn more about among the finest niche subreddits around.

showing an exaggerated spill in an infomercial. One redditor claimed "I would subscribe come a subreddit developed for acquisition infomercials the end of context."" data-slide="" data-e2e-name="slide-1" >

It all began with a write-up to /r/funny three year ago, showing an exaggerated pour out in an infomercial. One redditor claimed "I would certainly subscribe to a subreddit created for acquisition infomercials the end of context."

Another Redditor obliged, and also /r/wheredidthesodago was born. The rules to be simple: "Only post unusual GIFs from real ADS v no context. The funnier the better!"

This one to be captioned: "Awww sweetie, that"s therefore colorful and also creative. Currently watch me obliterate your tough work."

The subreddit now has over 370,000 subscribers. And the captions space getting more creative. "Tragically, that forgot the floor was lava:"

The write-up titles consist of purposes because that products. "Wear two glasses to evaluate that her daughter has actually now come to be a concentrated young man."

Often the gif titles room written together first-person bring away on the scenario. Because that example, "I can't be checked out hanging about these weirdos."

Another preeminence of the subreddit is the need of sourcing every gif. Girlfriend can discover the original YouTube videos in the comments section.

Other captions speak as an omniscient narrator. "After a lengthy day of work-related Lisa was ready for a night of slaying."

Each article takes the silly, exaggerated scenes and puts a twisted on them. "The new jewelry box anti-theft system exceeded every expectations."

There's a dark side to plenty of posts, and many captions are borderline NSFW. "Barbara make it clear to open minded what she would perform to him if he to be ever captured cheating."

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This induction pan modern technology taken the end of context is a classic. "Denise didn't establish her new cookware to be going to it is in literally 1/2 off."