An Ontario judge has actually slammed the province"s mental health review board for abusing the legal rights of a 38-year-old man who was uncovered not guilty by reason of insanity in the 1985 sex-slaying of department save heiress Nancy Eaton.

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In a toughly worded ruling, Madam justice Maria T. Linhares de Sousa of the superior Court that Ontario stated that plenty of errors by one Ontario evaluation Board panel caused "substantial unfairness" to Andrew Leyshon-Hughes and also created one apprehension the bias.

The board abruptly cut off Mr. Leyshon-Hughes"s yearly review in December, call for extr evidence and, possibly, an experiment that would involve cutting off his psychiatric medication.

Ms. Eaton - a great, good granddaughter of Timothy Eaton, founder that the iconic department store chain - met her death in a bizarre and gruesome manner. Mr. Leyshon-Hughes, a childhood girlfriend who had actually slept end at her house, assaulted the 23-year-old woman together she slept, stabbing her 21 times before having sex v her dead body.

Mr. Leyshon-Hughes, that was 18 in ~ the time, later on told police that he had actually juggled a pair the eggs over his dead friend"s body and also then stolen she car. He was arrested at a business station, apparently while driving come a lakeside cliff over which he had intended to plunge.

A witness in ~ Mr. Leyshon-Hughes"s 1986 trial, McGill college professor candid Ervin, claimed that he to be "a crocodile man" whose behaviour was regulated by a primitive portion of his brain.

Initially, Mr. Leyshon-Hughes was retained under chop security and also viewed as potentially untreatable. In current years, lawyer Marlys Edwardh has persuaded the ORB to approve her client more liberty to come and go. The has also been allowed to host down jobs and also attend college in Ottawa.

However, that tendency stalled in December, when the ORB questioned whether he is together safe as Mr. Leyshon-Hughes"s psychiatrist, Dr. Man Bradford, declared that that is.

It said it would favor to hear fresh evidence that might burned light ~ above Mr. Leyshon-Hughes"s early background of "anti-social behaviour, impulsivity and violence," and also could define his doubtful claim that he did not have sexual fantasies about his victim.

"A disclaimer of sex-related fantasies around her at that allude in his life and in those circumstances, while possible, is very unlikely," the plank said.

In she ruling, judge Linhares de Sousa notified a new hearing to take place before a different ORB panel. She additionally awarded Mr. Leyshon-Hughes his legal costs.

Judge Linhares de Sousa questioned the wisdom of the ORB in attempting to reopen the bulk of the Leyshon-Hughes situation "in the face of one obviously successful diagnosis and treatment" the has enabled him to spend many of his time in the community.

She detailed that, under Dr. Bradford, that made strides front while gift treated with a brand-new medication. "In my view, it prematurely closed under the hear and, in the way, breached the basic principles of organic justice through its conduct," the judge said.

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In regard come a tip from the board that Dr. Bradford experiment by cutting off Mr. Leyshon-Hughes"s medicine to see just how he reacts, judge Linhares de Sousa stated it "demonstrates the kind of mischief" the results when a plank panel plays quick and loose with a patient"s procedural rights.