I have actually been on Thyroid-S for years however recently have been finding it very difficult to source and almost running out. Go anyone understand where ns can get it or among the various other Desiccated Thyroid products, preferably in Pattaya yet anywhere nationally will do? 

I to buy mine indigenous a pharmacy below in centimeter she is very an excellent about maintaining it in stock. I stocked up when the covid point started. People on the net buy a huge bunch the the share up for resale. This is what the lady ns buy native told me, additionally the price is now higher 500 count bottle for O hell cannot remember but I think end 1000b now before 750 count bottle for 500b. 


I take it you have tried the usual little shop on 2nd Road.......... If you have a genuine require for it deserve to you not gain from a doctor?...... If not in Pattaya have you make the efforts the normal shops approximately Nana BKK?


I to buy mine native a pharmacy below in cm she is very an excellent about keeping it in stock. Ns stocked up once the covid thing started. Human being on the internet buy a big bunch that the stock up because that resale. This is what the lady i buy from told me, also the price is now higher 500 count bottle for O hell cannot remember but I think over 1000b now before 750 count party for 500b. 

You space lucky, getting it in Pattaya is practically impossible, I managed to get Fascino to stock it in Pattaya for a while however they won"t share it anymore and also before that I supplied to acquire it sent out from Bangkok but that source dried up together well.

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I knew the price has substantially increased as much as a couple of 100%, I used to to buy the 1000 tables party at 500 baht however last bottles I acquired was 2200 baht for a party of 500. I have heard the a couple of reasons why, consisting of internet carriers stockpiling, swine flu boosting raw material expense and brand-new customs law making it an ext expensive to import Desiccated pig thyroid indigenous China though ns can"t view why castle would should import it v all the pigs in Thailand.


2 minute ago, sanuk711 said:

I take it you have actually tried the usual small shop on 2nd Road.......... If you have a genuine need for it can you not get from a doctor?...... If no in Pattaya have actually you make the efforts the normal shops around Nana BKK?

Doctors will typically usually only prescribe Levothyroxine i m sorry doesn"t work too for many people with Hypothyroidism, which i have had for end a decade now. The organic Desiccated thyroid was fairly easily easily accessible in Thailand, since 3 the the most common brands where made here, Thyroyd-S, Thiroyd and also TR-T but in the last year or so it has end up being increasingly complicated to get. Tried second road however no luck.

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Sheryl 31532

Posted September 15, 2020


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Posted September 15, 2020

Are nobody of these shops ready to stimulate it because that you? Ask them specifically and also indicate what quantity you will buy (may need to buy 6-12 month worth to execute this)


Otherwise some sources in Bangkok that will certainly ship all over in the country:



(don"t be put off by points not gift listed, email them and ask, I have actually been able to obtain things not presented on the website)



(they can acquire anything no a controlled substance and also might likewise be maybe to get those v prescription, no sure. There is a 200baht organization fee on top of price of the med)


Ya Paiboon - heat ID rvtpharmacyorder1

Easy to communicate with via line in English, they will certainly mail to almost everywhere in the ocuntry.

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internationalism 4588

Posted November 27, 2020


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Posted November 27, 2020

I still execute have Thyroid S (bottles that 500 and 1000), and also Thyroid TR through T male Pharma and also Thiroyd by higher Pharma. I can provide to you personally come Pattaya the following week, together I will certainly be happen by for seaside holidays 

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Kris6714 0

Posted august 9


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Posted august 9

you should buy it through their official website, paying the west price. Https://www.thaithyroid.com/

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Anyone know where to get Thyroid-S? or any desiccated Thyroid Extract?

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