Last year, “The Cosby Show” celebrated the 25th anniversary of the beloved Huxtable family. In solemn event of this milestone anniversary, Vandenberg – The Townhouse experts TM, would like to take it a look at at one of the most famous brownstones in tv history. Checked out in many episodes, countless memorable scenes occurred right on the measures leading up to the former door of this renowned townhouse.

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Led by bill Cosby, “The Cosby Show” focused on the Huxtable family, an upper-middle course African-American family members living in a brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, brand-new York, at 10 Stigwood Avenue. Because of his dislike that filming in Hollywood, Cosby insisted the the show be taped in new York City instead of Los Angelas, where most television shows were recorded at the time. The earliest episodes of the series were recorded at NBC’s Studio One facility in Brooklyn. The network later on sold that building, and production moved to the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens.


The façade of the Huxtable home located at 10 Leroy Street/ 10 St. Luke’s location

Where is the Cosby house in NYC?

Here is a funny fact: even though the show was set to take location in Brooklyn, the exterior façade was in reality of a brownstone townhouse situated in Manhattan’s Greenwich village at 10 Leroy Street/ 10 St. Luke’s Place. In fact the house was no a solitary family home, fairly it was a exclusive residence that was separated into one owner’s duplex and also four small one-bedroom apartments.


The the same townhouses that specify St. Luke’s Place and Leroy Street in Greenwich Village

The Huxtable brownstone is located in a stretch the 15 similar townhouses that were built in the 19th century. The builder is unknown, but he created a top-notch cookie cutter, aesthetically speaking, utilizing the Renaissance and Greek revival styles popular with the upper crust at the time. This townhouses room what defines St. Luke’s Place and also Leroy Street between Seventh Ave. South and also Hudson Street. The confusion in the street name comes from earlier when the wasn’t unusual to rename a section of a block to rise its supposed prestige. Trinity Church, i m sorry owned all the land here, renamed this block before selling it every off beginning in 1851. The 15 residences follow me St. Luke’s location are numbered sequentially. And also who knew the the Huxtable household was next-door neighbors with Monica, Joey and also Ross? The structure used together the apartment structure for friend is just approximately the edge at the corner of Bedford and also Grove.

Leroy Street is frequently used because that filming, since the various other side the the street has no buildings to obstruct light. Besides The Cosby Show, the street has been used in loss in new York, regulation & Order, The Job, Wait till Dark.

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