Critical Role has been a sensation within the Dungeons and Dragons community for a few years now. Are you ready to find out which member of Vox Machina you are?

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Which member of Vox Machina are you?


With the sensation that Critical Role began a few years back, at this point it"s rather unlikely that you haven"t at least heard of them. Many of the characters from their first campaign of Vox Machina have become staples within the D&D community. What"s more, after an extremely successful kickstarter we"ll definitely be seeing more of these characters. Without any further ado, we bring you our latest quiz: Which member of Vox Machina are you?

What's your opinion on books?Only if I mustThey can be useful...I can't readThey're okay when you have nothing better to doI don't read muchI can make them fun!I enjoy them
What kind of books do you read?Picture booksInstruction manualsComic booksPoetryErotic novelsOnly topics that will serve meOn plants and flowers
What's your relationship with your family?Family is the most importantI'm not really closeI don't care about themI don't know themThey let me downI want to make them proudThey make me a better person
How good are you at handling numbers?Extremely goodI can hold my ownI'm okay!Numbers... I've heard of themI let others deal with them for meBoringCan count up to 5 maybe
How do you feel about animals?They're like family!I love them all, even spiders.Some of them can be chillThey're great to eatThey're useless!They can be nice to look atVery interesting
What would you sacrifice for your goals?Material thingsMy reputationI'm sure there are other ways...My sense of selfIf I follow my plans I won't have to sacrifice anythingMy lifeMy effort

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