Rapper Drake went to Drake college after his Des Moines, Iowa, tour protect against — four months after college invite him because that a campus tour

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Tuesday night, rapper Drake paid a visit come Drake college on the Des Moines stop of his Summer sixteen Tour v Future. Every a picture he post on Instagram, the music star do in prior of the school’s sign in front of university Avenue top top the southeast side of campus.

The late-night drop-by come after the VMA winner’s display at Wells Fargo Arena, where he rocked Drake college apparel — consisting of a letterman jacket and also No. 25 jersey — while that performed his hits, and tracks turn off his recent album, Views.



Shortly after the “One Dance” star announced his Iowa tour date in May, the private division I school released a pun-filled push release inviting him to visit campus. The Toronto native decreased the sell — yet shared his love for the college that shares his surname on society media, merely captioning a photograph of himself in a DU jacket: “ALUMNI.”

According come the university’s Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter, the rapper additionally a paid a visit to their home on Greek Street late in the night. The sorority posted a screenshot top top Instagram, taken from Drake’s Snapchat account, on i beg your pardon he mutual a shooting of himself on your doorstep. “
champagnepapi sorry we missed you last night!!! We have actually breakfast if you desire to come on earlier … #drakecametodrake #butwewereasleep.”

Drake college students have rallied come “#BringDrakeToDrake” since he climbed to fame; they only amped up their initiatives when he announced the Midwest tourism date. Follow to the college’s newspaper, students on campus — and local media outlets — to be buzzing in anticipation Tuesday but left disappointed once he didn’t display on campus during the day.

On Monday, Drake hinted that he might stop by campus. Once the college uploaded a Photoshopped photo of that on campus to Instagram, that commented, writing: “I’mma pull up ~ above ya.”

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