Generations the skaters delighted in a beloved Dallas roller rink because that the final time. After four decades in business, the owners of White absent Skate facility are closeup of the door the doors and also retiring."data-ellipsis="false">

It"s the finish of an era.

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On Sunday, Oct. 16, White rock Skate will open its doors for the final time ~ 43 year in business.

The beloved roller rink"s owner chuck Connor has made decision to hang up his skates and also retire.

"I think that"s going come sink in , the a lot of these civilization -- girlfriend won"t view these same encounters again," stated Robert Goewey, that has functioned at White rock Skate because that the previous 12 years. "That"s going come be yes, really hard. But it"s gonna it is in bittersweet due to the fact that the boss male gets to retire and also take a holidays for longer than 3 days for the an initial time in forever."


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Connor"s father opened White rock Skate in January that 1973. He nearly built a automobile wash instead of a roller rink -- however let his children decide what sort of business they were going to run. Generations that customers room grateful Connor and also his brother opted because that roller skating.

"This is a gem of Lake Highlands," said Steven Staton, who has been skating in ~ White rock Skate because it opened. "This is a safe ar to lug your kids, wherein you can literally role the clock earlier to 1973."

While the technology inside the rink and also skating floor have been updated v the years, the rink itself has actually the exact same feel and also look the it go 43 years ago, which is component of its very nice one to numerous customers.

Parents mental skating there as kids and now lug their kids to skate there. Connor"s daughter Leslie states it"s those traditions and also relationships that will be hardest to leave behind.

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"I think I"m still type of numb come it," claimed Leslie Connor, who prospered up skating and working in ~ the rink. "I haven"t really gotten emotional yet. When world come up to me crying or lock come up to me through a good story it"s like save that -- conserve it because that Sunday."

White rock Skate will be open up Sunday native 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The rink is located at 10055 Shoreview roadway in Dallas.