Trolls struggle theaters in the UK this previous Friday (ahead the the residential release top top November 4) and many headed out to see the film, consisting of fan Steve. He shared his early stage reaction ~ above No Doubt’s main Forum and also while he enjoyed Trolls overall, he want to make it clear to fans expecting to hear Gwen’s character DJ Suki featured throughout the film… come not get their hopes up.

Steve common that it’s tough to distinguish Gwen at all during DreamWork’s animated movie and that he can’t recollect she having any lines of her own at all. “What U functioning With?” was likewise omitted from the movie (though it may appear in the final credits due to the fact that he didn’t stick around for them) but notes the “Hair Up” is featured fairly a bit.

Possible spoilers!

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“I walk to see Trolls today. I need to say, from a Gwen fan perspective, it’s very disappointing. The movie itself is an extremely good, an extremely well done and by all means go and also see the if you’re interested or you have actually kids…but don’t intend to hear Gwen at all. Native what I might tell she didn’t have a single piece of dialogue to herself. She character is featured rather a fair bit, however is just speaking in ~ the very same time as everyone rather so Gwen’s voice is indistinguishable. In fact, of every the minor personalities I think Gwen’s is the just one who doesn’t get any type of of her own dialogue. Icona pop gets an ext airtime 보다 her. There room the 5 main personalities (Justin, Anna, Zoey, kris M-P, Christine) and the remainder all acquire various scenes in which to shine and show off their personality. James Corden and Russell Brand obtain quite a the majority of dialogue, as do Ron Funches and Kunal Nayyar, however Gwen’s character, DJ Suki, gets side lined. I think she’s just referred come by name when (as simply DJ) and I reckon if no for me discovering that’s who Gwen played, ns would have actually been wondering exactly where she was as soon as I experienced her name roll up in the credits.

Predictably many of the soundtrack isn’t featured (didn’t continue to be for the whole credits so ns don’t understand what songs room in there) and also understandably it’s mainly Justin and also Anna’s characters singing. “Hair Up” is featured rather a bit, no that you have the right to really hear Gwen on that either. I’m not sure what taken place to Gwen’s lines, but they clear felt her character wasn’t crucial in the story to offer her time to show any kind of of she personality. I think they’ve got a little bit of a cheek placing her name up as among the stars because she simply isn’t noticeable. They won’t sell numerous DJ Suki dolls based on what the personality does in the film, I can tell you that. It’s sort of a great thing she did miss the premiere last night because many human being would have actually wondered why her surname is in the credits. Together I said, it’s a an excellent film, really fun and also some bits you’ll laugh at. Go view it, take her kids yet don’t mean to hear Gwen’s voice much, if also at all.”

Gwen walk not show up at the Trolls premiere in Los Angeles last night as result of live tapings of The Voice because that season 12.

While we’re bummed around the meaning of Gwen’s personality DJ Suki in Trolls, we hope fans space still may be to do it the end to support the film.

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The news doesn’t surprise us too much considering the absence of her character being consisted of in the trailers exit so far. Still, it’s interesting to see Gwen involved in the project and also we’re hope it will be a large success and that she’s offered an ext opportunities in the future!