Nowadays singers are acquiring immense popularity on society media. Well, who doesn’t likes to get popularity? and also if us talk around pop singers! Yeah! Singers have actually a good fan adhering to on their social media accounts. So today we are going to tell you around a famous singer Savannah Dexter that is not only a singer but also she is famed for her rapping skills which are current in her renowned song “Raise Hell”. There room thousands and millions of views on her you pipe channel. Wanna know much more about her? If yes, read below for more life info and also facts that Savannah Dexter age, height, genuine name and net worth.

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Who is Savannah Dexter?

Savannah is a young and also popular pop singer ~ above Instagram. She comes from United States and also was born ~ above 28 August, 2003. Savannah Dexter is 17 years old. She is best known because that her song “Raise Hell”. The song video clip has earned countless views on she YouTube channel. Additionally she has released more songs on her YouTube channel. Presently her YouTube channel has 130,000 subscribers.

Savannah Dexter Age

Full Name: Savannah DexterBirth Date: 28 August, 2003Birth Place: unified StatesAge: 17 years oldPopular For: Musician/singerProfession: popular music singerNationality: AmericanGender: FemaleEthnicity: no known

Savannah Dexter Songs

As she is one American singer and also songwriter best known for her exceptional songs on the country music genre. Her songs are loved and also praised at the same time as her production of songs is very catchy. She has released song of her very own and also she had remained in industry for more than 5 year now. She obtained immense popular after she entry right into the mainstream music communication in 2020. After that she released over 4 albums because that fans i beg your pardon rocked ~ above charts.


Savannah Dexter Love life

This popular singer has actually not revealed any type of information concerning her an individual love life it looks like Dexter is not having in any kind of relationship or desire to hide that from fans. But at this time she is single. Savannah has actually a beautiful body shape and also has a descent height which renders her more attractive. She has actually a fan following of 94.6k followers on she Instagram account.

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Savannah Dexter network Worth

The Savannah Dexter network worth is total of approx. $150K together she is a model and singer that recently acquired a most fame. Dexter fetches money through different channels by utilizing her talent and skills.