Whole roasting pigs or roasting hogs for sale! Are you in search of a entirety hog, scalded, scraped, and ready to placed in the smoker or top top the spit? If so, climate look no further! We have actually locally get an impressive corn fed hogs that you can order, and we will acquire them all set for you. This is no a pre-harvested hog, instead it is fresh from the farm. Since of this, you can usually expect a 2 mainly wait from the moment you stimulate till time for choose up. Of course, our pigs are easily accessible in a few different dimension brackets. Yet please note the the figures are for live weight and may not be exact.

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Various size available

While we carry out our ideal to obtain as close to the size that you desire as possible, it is actually difficult to it is in exact because these hogs are always growing bigger, while another batch that younger people coming space on. Regular sizes weigh from 50 approximately 300 lbs. Live weight. When you place the order, our farmer brings the hog come our facility, then we prepare it because that you according to her specifications. Because that instance, you have the right to opt because that head on, head off, feet on, feet off, break-up in two, or left whole.

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How come order

To order, simply give us a call and let us recognize you need one of ours fine roasting pigs. However, please specify the you desire it scalded and scraped because we also have one more hog transaction that it s okay the hog skinned and also processed. Indeed, we want to make certain we carry out it the way you desire it. Us require a $100 under payment when you place the order, and also the remainder will it is in due once you pick your porker up.