I assumed that the boards can register the moves electronically. What is the point of writing them down?


I can think of number of reasons:

The players will desire to know how countless moves have actually been play in the game (as you frequently get extra time after move 40 and also 60), how numerous moves have actually been played prior to the critical pawn relocate or capture etc. Currently the players may not consult any type of other product than the score sheets throughout a game, however even if the rule was changed, the score sheet is probably the easiest method to accessibility this information. The electronic boards have the right to be unreliable sometimes. Also, although this most likely never happens in supervisor GM level, difficulties may happen with illegal move etc. There is no press to readjust the rules, or the problem of an altering the rule weighs much more than the potential gain. Part players favor the old-fashioned method of composing the move down. Compare with reason 2, somebody have to decide once the electronic boards are an excellent enough to it is in trusted, and also drawing the line is not simple job.
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I"m not sure I understand the inquiry properly. Are you suggesting electronic plank to print out the list of moves when the game is finished, for this reason the players deserve to sign it and also save the time and effort to fill the scoresheets themselves during the game?

If you are proposing simply to remove the scoresheet because there"s an electronic register that the game, then i think the most vital reason is the the scoresheets (because obviously over there is one per player) are the only main documents, signed through both players, the attests that that video game was played between those players and also with the result that is detailed on castle (besides date, place, etc.). Eliminating this paper would be like removing the signing the the wedding license due to the fact that there"s already a video of the ceremony.

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The straightforward answer is due to the fact that it is required by the FIDE vain rules.

The more complex reason is the you cannot conveniently enforce other legislations if you perform not have actually your own written record.

For instance:

It is a need to record all attract offers by composing "=" against the relocate when a attract offer is made. It is illegal come disturb your foe by making repeated attract offers. If this happens the only method you have the right to prove this is by way of the composed score sheets. Draw offers room not recorded electronically.

Draw by 3-fold repetition. If you make an incorrect insurance claim for a attract by 3-fold repeat your very first penalty is to have actually your enemy given an extra 2 minute on the clock. For a 2nd offence you shed the game. A 3-fold repetition can unfold over countless moves. That is not forced that that take place over continually moves. The only method you can twin check this to prevent a penalty because that an incorrect case is by analyzing your own score sheet.

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Note that in a recent GM competition where due to the fact that of the time controls (either quick or blitz) the players to be not compelled to document the moves the brothers GM Nigel short wanted to insurance claim a attract by 3 wrinkles repetition yet didn"t make a claim due to the fact that he didn"t have a created scoresheet. That went on to shed the game and also raised the allude afterwards.

Note the in any case dominance 6.13 states that:"Screens, monitors, or demonstration boards mirroring the present position ~ above the incubadoradeartistas.comboard, the moves and the number of moves made/completed, and clocks which likewise show the number of moves, are allowed in the playing hall. However, the player might not make a insurance claim relying just on information presented in this manner"