These days, everyone has actually a society media account – if lock don’t have actually multiple ~ above several various platforms. When you begin dating someone, if lock on every the same platforms as you, they finish up on your friends’ list naturally.

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In part ways, that’s convenient. You obtain to interact with your brand-new love in multiple ways and also show turn off to your friends a little. Yet when the connection is over, you may have to exhaustively clean the end your social media if you’re no looking to remain friends.

If girlfriend are continuing to be friends on society media, this is wherein the hard component starts. Friend might notice your ex-boyfriend is blocking and also unblocking you.

The reasons behind why he is doing this room many. We’ll aid you number out what’s going on and what you should do about it.

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How deserve to I tell mine Ex-Boyfriend is Blocking and also Unblocking Me?
Why is mine Ex-Boyfriend Blocking and also Unblocking Me?
What should I do around Him Blocking and also Unblocking Me?
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How can I tell mine Ex-Boyfriend is Blocking and Unblocking Me?

Before we gain into the reasons, stop look at just how you deserve to be sure he’s playing the blocking video game with you.

On most social media platforms, this is nice obvious. Simply take a look at his profile periodically. If he’s clogged you, you won’t have the ability to see it.

Alternatively, girlfriend can inspect your message history with him. Most platforms will certainly say something about how you can’t blog post him anymore if he’s blocked you.

If you check back at a later on time, and his profile is currently visible, or you’re may be to article him, you’ll understand he’s unblocked you.

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Why is my Ex-Boyfriend Blocking and also Unblocking Me?

He’s trying come motivate you to reach out to him.


We’ve all done something subtle to get someone to speak to united state without just reaching the end to castle ourselves. Because that instance, you might pose yourself in together a way if you check out an attractive stranger at a bar, hoping to gain their attention.

Blocking and also unblocking you can be your ex’s means of posing himself. Once he unblocks you, he may be trial and error you, hoping you begin a conversation through him.

It’s really complicated to tell if this is actually the case. You don’t desire to fear him far by automatically messaging him once he’s not ready, yet you also can’t be certain he’s waiting to hear native you.

Unless you actually message him and also he appears eager to speak to you, you can not be 100% sure he’s waiting to talk to you. And also sometimes the simply much better to be cautious, resisting the bait.

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His feelings for you are conflicted.

The time after a breakup isn’t easy. Part days, her feelings will certainly be normal, and on various other days, her heart will be a complicated storm the emotions. You might feel deep in love v your ex at some points, and fully disgusted with him at others.

Well, he’s more than likely going through the exact same thing friend are. His social media can be one indication that his conflicted feelings as he blocks and also unblocks you.

You have the right to look at his social media together some type of digital mood ring. As soon as he’s clogged you, he plainly doesn’t want to speak to you. If he keeps alternating between blocking and also unblocking you, it can simply typical he’s struggling through his own feelings post-breakup.Read Also:How to gain Your Ex Boyfriend earlier Fast

He accidentally clogged you.

Blocking you might not have actually been intentional at all. That not impossible or also uncommon come accidentally touch our screen while spring at various settings on our phone, bring about something to occur that we weren’t expecting.

In this situation, he may have been thinking about blocking you. If he to be looking in ~ the option, that may have pressed a button or brushed his screen, initiating the block once he didn’t average to. When he realized his mistake, he would certainly hurriedly unblock you.

If this is what happened, you’ll see the blocking and unblocking happen only once. After that one flicker that blocking, you’ll remain unblocked.

He provided into advertise by unblocking you.

Maybe that had made decision he needed time away from all things to execute with you to start his very own emotional recovery. So he block you, because seeing you virtual just reasons him pain.

But then he has a moment of weakness. The gets caught up in memories of you. The end of nowhere, he marvels what she doing, and also that curiosity is favor an itch he can not ignore.

To scratch that itch, that unblocks girlfriend so he deserve to dive right into your profiles and also see those going on with you. It to be a short-term impulse, and also he block you again as shortly as his curiosity is satisfied.

When he is doing this, you’ll be clogged at all times except for occasional short periods of time. Those brief flashes that unblocked time will certainly be once he’s checking up on you to view what you’re up to.

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He’s messing v your head.


This is perhaps the worst out of all the reasons, yet it’s a possibility, therefore we had actually to encompass it. If he was the type of human being to play mind gamings with you throughout the relationship, yes no reason why that readjusted after the relationship.

Unblocking and blocking friend repeatedly could be a way of messing with your head. You’re looking at this article because you’re confused, right?

That means it’s a strategy that works on his part. He’s obtaining into your head, even if it is or no he knows it, and it’s all since of miscellaneous as an easy as pushing the block button.

As you can see, there room a lot of reasons why her ex might be blocking and unblocking you. Male psychology deserve to get much more than a tiny complicated, therefore you might need some extra advice.

If you want to control the situation, girlfriend must understand what all ex boyfriends important desire. Learn more about what the is here.

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What should I do about Him Blocking and also Unblocking Me?

Ignore it and also take some time far from him.

If she noticing him blocking and also unblocking you, he is either doing it a lot, or you’re spending too much time digging through his profile.

Either way, try and take a complete break native it. If you can’t protect against yourself from looking at his profile, take into consideration stepping away from social media totally for awhile.

That way, friend won’t do anything you’ll remorse later. Return your social media accounts once you’re feeling much more level-headed and also like you can resist the advice to look at at your ex’s profiles.

Focus ~ above you and also being your pure best.

Your next objective should be you. That’s best – focus fully on yourself. Do everything you should start feeling better, as lengthy as it’s healthy.

Go watch your friends and also family. Take it a fun vacation (or even staycation). Shot to learn a new hobby that’s always been on her to-do list.

Your score is to make yourself feel as happy together possible. When you write-up on her social media accounts, your write-ups will it is in filled v that real light and also happiness.

Not just will her ex be drawn to it, however your loved ones will certainly appreciate see you doing therefore well.

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Avoid attacking him for blocking you.


If you an alert your ex blocking you again, don’t pounce on that the moment he unblocks you. Yes, it damages to watch that someone desires to reduced you the end of your life. It’s also worse if you doubt he’s simply trying come mess v your head.

But attacking him no going to carry out anything beneficial for girlfriend in the lengthy run. It can make you feel great for a brief duration of time, yet later on, you’ll feel gross because that lashing out at him.

Be the far better person. Remember, your goal is to focus on yourself, no obsess over him.

When he unblocks you because that a long period, use that time to present him your best side.

This one is simpler than the sounds. If you’ve invested all the time far from him having fun and getting come a healthy allude in your life, girlfriend won’t even need to try hard in ~ all.

He’ll check out that you’ve to be living your finest life. As with you feel the temptation to creep top top him, he’ll desire to creep ~ above you. As soon as he does, he’ll see exactly how happy you’ve been.

This sends an unmistakable post to him there is no you saying anything in ~ all: he needs to carry his A video game if he wants to be component of your life again. She perfectly qualified of growing without him, therefore he demands to execute his ideal to make his existence worth her time.

Remember: girlfriend can’t force him come unblock you, and blocking you doesn’t mean there’s something wrong v you.

If he block you again, don’t sweat it. We know that’s constantly easier claimed than done, though, so just remember: yes sir nothing you deserve to do to do him unblock you.

Continuing come worry about what he is doing won’t obtain you anywhere, since there’s no activity you have the right to take to get him to open up. That’s a decision he has to make when he’s ready.

His choice to block you no necessarily a criticism of her character. If anything, the a comment of his character – he is the one saying the he’s hurting and can’t face you appropriate now.

And it is perfectly okay. Let him have actually his an are when he needs it, and he’ll see exactly how mature girlfriend are.

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How to Message males in a method That gets them Addicted come You

If you’re talk to your ex again (or even another man), you’ll have to pull out all the stops to hook castle in. After ~ a breakup, it’s organic to feeling a small out of the loop when it involves romance.

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