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I am obtaining lots that spark when connecting the an unfavorable terminal come a brand-new battery in a friend"s "87 Shelby Charger through a Turbo II. Over there was enough sparking to chef the sheet of the battery terminal (see photo below).

The ignition is off and also any various other draws like headlights, etc. He left it sit for some time and also this is a new battery. We also replaced the alternator harness due to the fact that the old one had end up being hard and brittle. Ns rechecked every the connections and also can"t seem to find anything that might be creating a draw, i beg your pardon is what ns assume is leading to the sparks. Any ideas?


You will only produce a big spark connecting the - cable if a circuit is alive.With a draw like the the battery will be dead in a brief time.As declared above...Are there any kind of aftermarket accessories in the vehicle?
You will only produce a large spark connecting the - cable if a circuit is alive.With a attract like that the battery will certainly be dead in a quick time.As declared above...Are there any type of aftermarket equipment in the vehicle?
No MSD coil, auto alarm, extra lights, stereo device or anything that would produce this big of a draw. I"m stumped.
If it"s heater up and also blowing the fuse then you have actually a quick to ground somewhere.Same for the original poster, are the battery wires heating up at all? possibly you created a short somewhere once you were replacing the alternator harness?
the quick has to be there way b4 ns took out the alt exploit also.... All eco-friendly an corroded in exposed area. Resolving that now. Yet would the cuz the seat and also door watch 2 avoid workin?
A lot of the interior options on this cars re-superstructure grounds (and fuses) with various other systems. If you"re blow fuses climate yes, various other things would prevent working.
Back to mine issue...could one ungrounded or cooked wire somewhere cause the sparking? i was not mindful that problems like these could reason such a attract on the battery.

No. Is over there a procedure to check out what might be producing a big enough draw to spark the terminal? ns would"ve thought one of the members familiar with charging system issues would have chimed in by now.
This has actually nothing to execute with "charging mechanism issues".Something in the automobile is being powered ~ above that must no be through the key off, maybe a relay stuck in the close up door position.Amperage flow is probably normal or a fuse/fusible link would have actually blown.The only means to identify where the problem is will certainly be to remove fuses one at a time and disconnect materials one at a time until the arcing stops then you have actually isolated the circuit bring about the problem.

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Haynes list an even much better procedure to discover the short. Affix the postive cable to battery yet instead the connecting the negative cable, soil a tester ~ above the disconnected cable and also touch the negative terminal. If that lights-up, you have a short. Then disconnect the alternator harness (including the calculation line through the white connector). If the tester irradiate goes out, it"s a poor alternator. If the tester light remains on, climate (and only then) need to you begin pulling fuses.I did this procedure and also found a cable going straight into one of the fuse slots. It supposedly powered an amp. As soon as I gotten rid of the wire, the irradiate went out.I have yet to reconnect the battery but I i think it will no longer have a big spark.NOTE: apparently on my car, when you open up either door, the tester will light increase so you have to pull fuses with the doors closed for an accurate reading.