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Upon close inspection, the yellow color of both eye are found to not be the exact same hue. We also examined the colors of Undyne’s magic and also Sans’ eye due to the fact that both room a blue color. When they show up to be similar, the blue hue in Sans’ eye is not found in her magic spears.

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Is this distinction in color enough come disprove the eye connection? We think so. Color has essential significance, as seen in Flowey and also Asriel’s case.


It is likewise noteworthy to point out that Sans’ eye colors carry out not match his magic attacks. Yet that’s a non issue. As pointed out in his recommendation sheet, his eye only ever flashes at 3 points in his battle, which means his eye is not needed for (and i can not qualify the resource of) his magic. It’s most likely that his flashing eye is only an indication of overexertion as it is seen very briefly at the begin (possibly due to the fact that he starts through a an effective attack first) and at the end.

If Sans doesn’t have actually Undyne’s absent eye, climate why walk he have actually this eye in the an initial place? Why doesn’t Papyrus additionally have magic eye(s)? possibly Papyrus does. ~ all, both Papyrus and Sans share the exact same bone attacks, blue magic, and also Gaster Blasters. Us never acquire to view Papyrus usage his Gaster Blasters, yet this is hinted by the non-bone attack he refuses come use versus Frisk and also the assault he would have used in Genocide, if provided the chance.


As previously stated, Sans’ magic eye appears and flashes at points that overexertion during his battle. When Papyrus fights you, the isn’t overexerting himself, even if the *huffs* in ~ the end. After the battle, he is rapid to recover and also even operation off and also jumps (floats?) end Frisk’s head. Papyrus is depicted as a skeleton v boundless energy and enthusiasm, especially with his insistence that sleeps are unnecessary naps.Moreover, Papyrus has actually his own collection of anime and also wacky eyes the he expresses himself with. These could be the occupational of his magic, and also different circumstances could manifest various eyes.

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There is much an enig behind Sans and Undyne’s eye situations. However, with what (little) details is offered by the game, we deserve to only conclude that there is no connection between these two.