Hi everyone, Ribbirasta below today to discuss a inquiry fans have had since the release of bear By Sleep:

Why in the civilization does Vanitas look choose Sora?


Well look at no further. I have actually come this day to administer an answer because that you. Very first the issue civilization see with Vanitas looking prefer Sora. The truth that Vanitas was produced from Ventus before Ventus linked with Sora"s heart, do it impossible for Vanitas to look choose Sora.

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That"s true for this reason did Square mess up, to be there a story mistake? go they simply do it to reuse character models? At some point, that"s what ns thought, yet i have concerned the conclusion that Vanitas go not always look choose Sora. In fact, there"s a opportunity that Vanitas looked just like Ventus prior to Ventus linked with Sora. Exactly how is that possible you might ask?




Yep. Vanitas wore that mask bulk of the game. It"d just make feeling that ~ connecting v Sora, Vanitas would connect with Sora together well and also as a result, yep, transforming his appearance.


Vanitas is usually a mix in between Sora and ventus, and when thought of choose that, Sora"s illustration in return might have been affected by the connection to Ventus. For this reason in that reality, Sora would look prefer Vanitas no the other way around, through a nobody that looks prefer Ventus.

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Okay that"s all for this blog. Ns hope girlfriend enjoyed. Until next timeeeee.


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