Obviously, every guinea pig owner wants to recognize what common guinea pig urine watch like? This can help them detect wellness issues. However there no a fixed set of observations for the urine. Girlfriend can find the alters in the shades ~ above a day-to-day basis. Let united state learn much more about it.

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Your guinea pig is healthy till its urine is clear. It might be thick, cloudy, and also white as result of calcium carbonate and also ammonium phosphate crystals in the urine. However, overabundance calcium is no a an excellent sign. Red stains or pinkish shade of urine indicates the presence of blood in the urine. 

The color changes are not healthy and balanced signs. The consistency the the to pee is essential, and one should emphasis on it.

Guinea pig gift able come urinate with ease and the color is bright is a healthy and balanced condition. But there is an ext to learn about it.

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Urine having actually cloudy or milky shades is healthy and balanced for guinea pigs as much as some extent.

Excess the calcium precipitate and also reduced urine content leads come sludge or special paste. Guinea pig experiencing from calciuria release thick and also milky urine. The is danger if left untreated. 

The kidney does the task of filtering calcium consumed by guinea pigs. Excess calcium is happen out v urine, which renders the pee look cloudy.

However, calcium is required by guinea pigs for healthy and balanced teeth and bones yet in a tiny quantity. You should avoid food having a high contents of calcium.

Excess calcium thickens the pee of guinea pigs. Early signs of it are cloudy or milky urine and chalky residue.

Treat milky to pee in guinea pigs

This trouble can be treated at home itself by adhering to a few dietary changes, as stated below: 

Cheap pellets need to not be offered to your pet together if are made that alfalfa hay, which has actually a high contents of calcium v low fiber content.

The urine will certainly be healthy and balanced again, detailed that the severity the calciuria is not too high. If the to pee is hardened within the urinary tract, then your guinea pig may suffer indigenous cystitis and bladder stones.

Guinea pigs experience from serious pain due to cystitis and also bladder stones. In part cases, bladder stones can lead to blockage. Immediately consult your vet. A food of antibiotics is usually prescribed to remove the blockage.

Dehydration can likewise be the factor for sludgy urine.

A Guinea pig will not have the ability to excrete urine enough if there is a water shortage in the body.

The Guinea pig should be encouraged to drink much more water. Be mindful if the guinea pig is enduring from dehydration, together it can be fatal.

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