Denise Nickerson as Violet Beauregard in "Willy Wonka and also The coco Factory" (1971).Mary Evans / Ronald provide / Everett Collection
Denise Nickerson, best known for her duty as the bratty, bubble gum-blowing Violet Beauregarde in "Willy Wonka & the coco Factory" passed away Wednesday night after complications from seizures and also a stroke, her family said.

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She was 62.

Nickerson"s son, Josh, and also his wife, Jasmine, announced on facebook that she had actually died, writing, "She"s gone." Jasmine called NBC News the her mother-in-law passed away at around 10:15 p.m.

Nickerson experienced a hit in June 2018 and also a massive seizure Tuesday after complications from pneumonia, her household had said. She gone into a "coma-like state" and also could no be saved, castle said.

Early Wednesday, the family decided to take her off anti-seizure medication and an oxygen pump because "none of it was helping, yet making her only much more uncomfortable."

"We"re telling her it"s okay to permit go," lock wrote. "We space heartbroken and also reliving a grief we"ve lived every solitary day due to the fact that she had actually the stroke end a year ago."

Denise Nickerson in Los Angeles in 2014.Steve Granitz / WireImage file

In June that 2018, she son and also his wife posted images of Nickerson blowing bubbles from a blue unicorn balloon machine, while wearing a vibrant umbrella hat. "The last outing day before the stroke," they wrote.

Nickerson to be a young teen once she illustrated the gum-obsessed, self-centered Violet the contrary Gene Wilder together Willy Wonka in the 1971 film version of "Willy Wonka & the cacao Factory," based upon the famous children"s book "Charlie and also the cacao Factory" through Roald Dahl.

In an top scene, her character swells up to resemble a giant blueberry after ~ trying a brand-new Wonka-created gum, together her father exclaims "Violet, you"re turning violet, Violet."

Nickerson additionally had functions in "Dark Shadows," and also other television shows and movies transparent the 1960s and the 1970s prior to retiring. Her household said she go on to make a living together an accountant.

Josh and also Jasmine Nickerson, who claimed they space expecting a baby in August, collection up a GoFundMe because that Nickerson"s medical and also funeral expenses, speak the money from she time acting was long gone.

They stated Nickerson request "to be cremated and also her ashes made into a item of glass art," and they desire to make sure they room able to fulfill her last wish.

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"We will miss out on our Mom/Neecers. We"re i m really sorry you couldn"t satisfy your granddaughter. Us love you," they wrote.