Windows can not finish the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation.

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If you occur to receive the persistent "Windows could not complete the installation" error and system reboot loop over and over, you"re most likely trying come install windows 7/Windows 10 x64 operating system, or possibly the fresh windows installation is interrupted before a user account is created. Nevertheless, take it easy, you"re definitely not alone. ~ above this page, we detailed you through three straightforward solutions, every one of which are tested with great results by genuine users.

Fix 1. Automatic Repair

If click OK walk not aid resume the system installation, allow the windows Automatic Repair work-related on this trouble intelligently.

Step 1. Strength on and also off your computer system three times. Step 2. ~ above the third time, your computer system will prompt "Preparing automatic Repair" and boot into the "Advanced Recovery" environment.Step 3. Click "Advanced Options". Step 4. Click "Troubleshoot". 

Step 5. Click "Reset this PC". Step 6. Click "Keep my files" and also then click "Cancel" because you don"t need to reset your computer.Step 7. Select your account, enter your password and finally click Continue. Step 8. Click Reset.

Over 60% that the victims solved the "Windows might not finish the installation" problem perfectly by to run the automatic Repair and successfully finished the installation. Some were got stuck at one more problem of home windows Automatic fix loop, but this linking write-up finally helps them get rid of the trouble in the center of troubleshooting.

Fix 2. Transition + F10 Repair

As we"ve explained in the second paragraph, among the causes of the incomplete windows installation is from an interrupted windows installation before a user account is created. So, you need to run the account production wizard to do it every right.

Step 1. On the error screen, press shift + F10 to display the command prompt.Step 2. Type the command "cd %windir%/system32/oobe/" (without quotes) and also press Enter.Step 3. Type "msoobe" next and also press Enter.Step 4. Set up an account and also decent password there on the user account production wizard that appears.Step 5. Restart her computer.


Files would be very likely to shed after an altering the user account, if there are documents on the journey you desire to recover, download totally free data recovery software and shot an prompt recovery.


Fix 3. Device Transfer 

Things would be much much easier if you have actually a system backup at hand. Shot to restore the previous version of windows which doesn"t necessarily ask you for a troublesome fresh install. However, unfortunately, most civilization don"t have actually one. In this regard, you gained two ways to head on.

1. Walk to a working computer, download official Windows 10 ISO files, develop a bootable creation media and also perform a clean install from the scratch.

2. Go to a working computer, create a system image and transfer the system photo to her own computer system which cannot currently complete the installation.

Now, we pick up an much easier solution for you. Download Todo Backup and transfer system to dissimilar hardware.

Step 1. Create an emergency disc on a healthy and balanced computer

To save your time and energy, we"d prefer to imply you develop an emergency disk come a USB or exterior hard drive rather on a healthy computer system with Todo Backup.

1. Affix an north USB flash journey or external hard drive through over than 100GB space to your PC.2. Run Todo Backup and also click "Tools > create Emergency Disk".


3. Pick USB together the disk location to produce the emergency disk i m sorry will aid you boot computer system when it falls short to boots or restore the mechanism to dissimilar brand-new PC.4. Click "Proceed".


Step 2. Produce a Windows system image backup for restoring come dissimilar hardware

1. Operation Todo backup on the healthy computer and also click "System Backup" ~ above the left pane.2. Choose the windows OS and also specify the USB flash journey which contains the emergency disk as the destination disk to save device image.If you space worried about data loss worry by saving the system photo to the emergency disk drive, friend may additionally save system back-up to another empty outside hard drive v over 100GB complimentary space.


This will aid you create a full back-up of the totality Windows system and all set up programs, applications on your C journey to the selected device.

3. Click "Proceed" to start developing a system backup image to the target device.

Step 3. Boots the dissimilar hardware/computer native Todo back-up emergency disk

1. Attach the USB flash drive or external hard drive with emergency disk and also system back-up image come the brand-new computer.2. Restart PC and also press F2/F8 come boot right into BIOS.3. Change boot drive and collection the computer to boots from the Todo backup emergency disk.Then you"ll get in Todo backup main interface.

Step 4. Transfer and recover the device to dissimilar hardware or new computer

1. ~ above Todo backup main window, click "System Transfer". 


3. Point out the disk come save mechanism image and also tick "System Transfer" in advanced options, click "OK" to save changes.Then click "Proceed" to start transferring system and even some mounted programs on mechanism C: drive to the new hardware computer system now.

Step 5. Restart pc with transferred system1. Readjust boot sequence in BIOS to set the computer system to boot up from the drive v the transferred system.2. Conserve all changes and restart her computer.3. Update all journey drivers and programs come ensure all things will work just fine on the brand-new computer.

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By device transfer, you will certainly no much longer receive the "Windows could not finish the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation." error post after restarting your computer. You need to use your own product key to activate windows if asked.