Winter Break: Hunter mountain Season 2 updates - Why The MTV display Was Cancelled Winter Break: Hunter mountain is an MTV reality display that aired ago in 2018 but here"s why that didn"t end up returning because that a second season.

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Winter rest Hunter Mountain
Here"s why Winter Break: Hunter Mountain didn"t return because that a second season. MTV has actually some beloved original scripted shows to that name, including Beavis and also Butt-Head or Teen Wolf, however they"re no slouches once it comes to reality reflects either. From The actual World to Jersey Shore or even Jackass, the network has actually scored some major hits in the truth department.

They scored one more with Floribama Shore in 2017, which was something the a spinoff to Jersey Shore. The show followed a team of eight civilization living together on Panama City beach in Florida, and also it confirmed such a hit there was also an SNL Floribama Shore sketch. MTV to be hoping for a similiar success v Winter Break: Hunter Mountain in 2018. The display is collection at the ski resort of the very same name in upstate new York, which followed the Winter rest Hunter Mountain actors - including Carissa Withan, Taylor James and also Jillian Metz - together they mutual a cabin and also got up to all sorts of wild partying and romantic shenanigans.

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Despite being pitched together MTV"s next big guilty pleasure reality series, Winter Break: Hunter Mountain fail to gain a greenlight for a second season; here"s why.

Winter Break: Hunter hill Debuted To poor Ratings

hunter hill jillian
Winter Break: Hunter Mountain didn"t have actually much exterior of the new of its setting to make it was standing out amongst a sea of other reality shows. It appears MTV didn"t have actually much confidence in the show prior to it debuted in February 2018, where it received bad ratings. It was swiftly relocated to MTV 2 after only two episodes as a result. The an initial season concerned an also swifter end when the network chose to marathon the remaining five episodes in ~ the finish of March.

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The cast of Winter Break: Hunter Mountain soon shown on social media that the series wouldn"t be returning because that a season 2. While it no unheard of because that a canceled show to be either revived or retooled, the feels really doubtful in the situation of Winter Break.

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Between debuting to weak ratings and also doing tiny to watch itself except much more popular reality shows - also those top top MTV chin - the network more than likely doesn"t watch the worth in return to the ide for another try. Winter Break: Hunter Mountain already feels favor it"s to be forgotten about, so the probably finest to leave it in the past.