exactly how to discover Every Gwent map in The Witcher 3 (Collect 'Em every Quest) The Witcher 3"s collection "Em all quest jobs players v obtaining every Gwent card. This overview shows the locations and also quests essential to gain them all.

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Geralt theatre Gwent through an NPC in The Witcher 3
The civilization of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is sprawling, detailed, and also filled with seemingly numerous things to do, consisting of the card video game Gwent. Geralt can play Gwent against a variety of characters and also win something from arbitrarily items to distinctive cards. In the “Collect ‘Em All” Witcher 3 quest, players are tasked with finding and acquiring every single Gwent card in the game. 

With such a massive human being to explore and also so countless easily missable activities, collecting all 196 cards is quite a an overwhelming task. Between the sheer volume the cards and the various methods they can be obtained, finding them all is no small feat. Right here are every the means to collect Gwent cards and also their areas in the game.

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There space several methods players can gain Gwent cards: buying indigenous vendors, to win Gwent matches, and also receiving them as rewards for quests. The simplest path is to acquisition them from merchants such as innkeepers and traders. Play a Gwent match versus NPCs calls for a bit more effort, yet such characters are easy to find. However, certain cards deserve to only be derived by completing quests. The is necessary to take note of these searches to complete Collect ‘Em All.

Purchasing Gwent Cards in The Witcher 3

Gwent map Deck in The Witcher 3
football player can start their Gwent collection by purchasing cards from miscellaneous sellers. Listed below is a list of vendors who sell Gwent cards and their locations.

White Orchard

Elsa, the innkeeper that the White Orchard Inn.


A seller in Midcopse.A vendor in Lindenvale.A merchant in Claywich (who must an initial be freed native a bandit camp on one island east of Oreton).A trader in Crow’s Perch.The Quartermaster in Crow’s Perch.The innkeeper at The Inn in ~ the Crossroads.


Marquise Serenity, the madame of Passiflora.Olivier, the innkeeper of the Kingfisher Inn.The innkeeper in ~ the golden Sturgeon.The innkeeper in ~ Cunny that the Goose.A trader at 7 Cats Inn.

Witcher 3 Oxenfurt Academy

Stjepan, the innkeeper at the Alchemy. 


Ilge, the innkeeper the the tavern in Arinbjorn.Jonas, the innkeeper of the new Port Inn.The innkeeper that the tavern in Urialla Harbor.The innkeeper that the tavern in Svorlag.The innkeeper of the tavern in Harviken.

Note that Olivier at the Kingfisher Inn have the right to be to let go if Geralt help Anisse and Berthold in the “Now or Never” quest. If he dies, he will be changed by one unnamed innkeeper.

geralt in witcher 3
In every region, football player can challenge NPCs come a game of Gwent to win random cards from them. When the human being of The Witcher 3 is fairly large, there room designated people in practically every town that one can difficulty to a match. Common characters like innkeepers, crafters, and merchants are frequently willing to play Gwent. However, it is important to keep in mind that Geralt have the right to only victory one card per NPC. After that very first victory, castle will give him item instead. 

Throughout The Witcher 3, players will certainly receive assorted quests that reward cards upon completion. This are particularly important since many of this cards can not be acquired in any other way. The first type is Gwent quests, which are specifically centered approximately the map game.

Gwent: playing Innkeeps: Received after perfect the tutorial Gwent match. If Olivier is dead before challenging him come Gwent, his card will certainly still be obtainable at the Kingfisher Inn.Gwent: Velen Players: Obtained by pull close the Bloody Baron directly in Crow’s Perch or by checking the an alert board because that his posting.Gwent: Old Pals: Obtained by speak to Zoltan Chivay at the Rosemary and also Thyme in Novigrad. This have to be completed prior to the "Battle that Kaer Morhen" and "Reason of State" quests.Gwent: Skellige Style: Obtained by checking the notification board at Kaer Trolde harbor in Skellige. This should be completed prior to the key quest "Battle Preparations."Gwent: High Stakes: Obtained by check the an alert board through St. Gregory’s leg in Novigrad. Players have to keep in mind this tournament is particularly challenging and setup accordingly.

A issue of Life and Death: Obtained by speak to Triss after ~ escaping the witch hunters during "Count Reuven’s Treasure."A attention Game: Obtained by speak to Zoltan at the Rosemary and also Thyme after conserving Dandelion during "A Poet Under Pressure."Shock Therapy: Obtained by speaking to the druids in Ard Skellig, to the west the the Gedyneith signpost.Following the Thread: Obtained by checking the notice board in Hierarch Square.

While the collect ‘Em All quest is not essential to complete The Witcher 3, gathering every 196 Gwent cards can be a funny challenge. Act so also unlocks the card Collector achievement. With the game coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X/S before the end of 2021, brand-new and returning fans might want to save a lookout for every the Gwent cards from the start.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is easily accessible now on playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and also PC, and also is plan for relax on game stations 5 and also Xbox series X/S later this year.