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To fix the enigma puzzles on your own, friend will must collect all of the code pieces. Lock will appear like piece of paper. Find the areas described below to find every one of them.Chapter 1Code #1 - near the start, girlfriend will have to blow up a door to proceed. As soon as you execute so and also climb end it, turn right to view a door. Go through the door to enter a bunker, whereby you"ll discover the code.Code #2 - when you reach the balcony v the pho gun, head left, rise up the stairs, and also enter the door ~ above the right. You"ll see three switches top top the wall. Pull the an initial one, climate the third, and then the 2nd to open up a an enig area. The password is on the table inside.Code #3 - After girlfriend are conserved from the robotic hound, go into the area it come from to discover the code on top of part crates.Code #4 - In the castle, make your method to the room that has actually the damaged floor. Jump with the broken floor right into the area below. The password is ~ above a crate to her left.Code #5 - In the castle, once you reach the room through the spiral staircase and the painting of the general, technique the statue on the left side of the painting and pull on the sword. The paint will relocate to expose a secret area. Walk inside, increase the stairs, and also down the passage till you reach a vent. Kill the security on the other side and also pick up the password from the table.Code #6 - In the open up area at the facility of the castle, begin at the mounted an equipment gun and head right. You"ll happen a door significant with a swastika and also reach a partially-destroyed wall. Search roughly it to find the code.Code #7 - at the component where you need to search because that the vital to the locked doors, walk to the northern part of the room and open the drawer on the right. The code is inside.

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Chapter 2Code #8 - as you go to uncover Anya, you"ll with a stairwell whereby the top stairs room blocked by furniture and debris. Find the ground surrounding to discover the code.Chapter 3Code #9 - outside in the rain, there is a damaged pipe clearly shows in front of the structure to your left. Go into the pipeline to find the password in the right corner on the various other side.Code #10 - leaving the pipe and also go forward, then head left past the building. You"ll eventually uncover a small office with the code posted alongside numerous sketches on the left exterior wall.Code #11 - leaving the office behind and also go north till you reach the larger building. Walk up the stairs, into the entrance on her left, and through the bunk bed room. In the following area, walk up the left staircase into a room whereby the password waits on the much table.Code #12 - in ~ the component where her objective is come raise the platform, you must go northwest and up the stairs. From that room, go through the right door and pick up the surrounding code.Code #13 - In the room with the huge screen, head south to discover a collection of lockers, among which is open and contains the code.Code #14 - go back to the room v the screen and also head right, right into the garage. The password is ~ above the floor of the car, on the front passenger"s side.Code #15 - as soon as you"re outside later on, top top your way to the car, over there is a truck parked surrounding in front of a building. Go into the building and also search it till you uncover the password on height of a radio, close to a table and also some chairs.Chapter 4Code #16 - after ~ you have actually the laser gun, friend should eventually reach an office area with papers at the end of a table. Take it them, and then walk to the other side that the room, wherein you"ll find an open up drawer. Placed the retrieved documents in the drawer. This will open up up a new area. Inside, the password is in the briefcase.Code #17 - once you reach the nice office that has windows, find the desk for the following code.Code #18 - during the course of the chapter, you"ll with a big room through an open up vent in it. Crawl with the vent, and also a robot will begin chasing you. Go right and also slide beneath the pipes. There will be a door in ~ you, but it is chained shut. Open it with your laser total to fall through. Use the laser pistol again to cut through the fence to her left. Once you watch the stairs, rise up them and grab the code from the floor.Code #19 - monitor the "4 Abteilung" indicators until you with a gray hall. Enter the second open door on her left, walk to the end of the room, and also search the briefcase on your right.Code #20 - while escaping the prison, get in the central office and also search the desk.Code #21 - Turn appropriate from the main office and also make your way to the end of the hall, whereby you should take the stair to her left. Come the southwest of the stairs, go v the hall till you reach one more staircase. Upstairs, the code is in an open up case.Chapter 6Code #22 - after the statue falls, follow the wall surface northeast. Once you find a heap of rubble with a corpse in it, search beside the corpse for the code.Code #23 - once the robot pushes you back on your means to the Moon Dome, revolve right and also search behind a pile of rubble to discover the code.Code #24 - when you reach the area v the satellite on the rooftop, get in the small room left that the stairs and grab the password from on top of a chair.Code #25 - In the Moon Dome, the following code is sitting on the manage table in the manage room.Code #26 - In the laboratory on the way to the hangar, the following code is top top the shelf to her right.Code #27 - In the hangar, search about the crates beneath the ideal helicopter area.Code #28 - after you uncover the previous code, go right and upstairs to reach the control room. The following code is behind the regulate boxes.Code #29 - go to the finish of the hangar and climb the ladder to with a vent. Go v the shaft into the left office to discover the following code.Chapter 8Code #30 - After you drop down v the hatch through the corpses beneath it, go up the steps and turn best to uncover the password on optimal of a container.Code #31 - In the furnace room, go right and also up the stairs come the catwalk. Cross end to the various other side and also head appropriate to with a room. In the room, the code is top top a trolley to her right.Code #32 - Leave the room and head down the hall. Revolve right and also enter a room, whereby the code is top top a shelf along the wall.Code #33 - Leave the room and also head left. Pass the barred doors because that now and also go right into the next room on your right. The code is in a drawer in ~ the much side of the room.Code #34 - In the open area during your find for the battery, walk left past the dumpster significant "5" and also use the wood beams over there to reach an open up window. Inside, go v the second door and collect the password from an open up drawer.Code #35 - indigenous there, go downstairs and also turn right. Enter the blue closet to find the next code.Code #36 - Go below again and also search the trolley for the code.Code #37 - Head to the northeast native there and also then go into the garage. The password is in an open up closet.Chapter 10Code #38 - as you pilot the tunnel glider, usage a laser to break through the chains the bar the door and also go through. Revolve left and also leave the glider. To her left, over there is a pipe vent with a narrow passage near it. Enter the passage and also swim till you with an above-water area. Save going on foot till you reach an area v mattresses. Walk to the right of the mattresses to discover a table through the password on it.Code #39 - The second time you have to fill the area with water, enter the water to the left of the controls. To your right, there must be a doorway you can go through. Do so, climb up the latter, and pick up the password from the crate.Code #40 - as soon as you need to reduced the mines free to clean a path, reduced down the middle mine and then walk up the stairs to the left to acquire the code from on height of a crate.Code #41 - when you carry out that, go back to the mine area and swim depths underwater to find a new mine. Reduced it totally free and then go into the newly-opened tunnel. Head increase the stair to your left and grab the password from the shelf to the left that the closeup of the door door.Code #42 - Next, go through the door and also fall through the hole in the floor. Top top the communication below, make your means through the pipe and up the ladder to get the password from a shelf.Code #43 - Head along the left section of railroad tracks till you reach the stairway to your left. Come the appropriate of the stairs, you have the right to crouch and also crawl in ~ them come grab a code.Code #44 - now head up the stairs and also go to the tower. Take the left path and also enter the door. The password is on the first shelf.Code #45 - after that, keep going and also use the switch to open up the gate. Inside, walk upstairs and also into the left area, wherein you have to cross end to the other side that the catwalk. Take it the an initial door ~ above the left. The code is waiting close to the controls.Chapter 11Code #46 - In the room v the bombs, walk upstairs and make your means to the charge station for the laser. You should see two doors. If you space playing with the Furgus timeline, go with the left door. If you room plaything with the Wyatt timeline, go through the door across from the fee station. When you"re through, open up the vent through your laser and also collect the password from the bed.Code #47 - leave the room and also continue previous the charge terminal until you with a room v red lighting and lockers. The password is ~ above a shelf come the right of the lockers.Code #48 - leave the room with the lockers and also go right. Go into the room on her left. The password is on height of a drawer on the ground.Code #49 - In the room through the computer system screens, when you"re trying to raise the buoys, go to the left next of the room and climb the stairs approximately the catwalk. The password is by the controls.Code #50 - Go ago down and also continue forward through the doors. Turn left and also enter a small room where the code sits on a table.Chapter 12Code #51 - climb the ladder right into the damaged train and also make your means to the critical train car. Climb off and head ideal to find a corpse v a briefcase. Cut the case totally free of the chain to make it drop and reveal the code.Code #52 - save on going past the train and also jump to the reduced car, then across the broken part of the bridge. Walk forward and enter the open door on your left. Head upstairs and also search the floor for the following code.Code #53 - go back to the edge and also jump under to with the auto that you offered to jump end to the other side. Go inside. In ~ the far end, you have the right to crouch and crawl to the left to find an additional code.Code #54 - ~ that, turn back the method you came and also craw out the appropriate side to discover yet an additional code.Code #55 - get in the train cabin come the left and also make your way up the fallen beam to reach a new cabin. The next code is through the seat on the left side.Code #56 - when you watch the robot cabin prior to you fight the checkpoint, head come the best to climb high sufficient to get on the cabin"s roof. Do your way across the beams and also platforms till you with the code on the floor.Code #57 - once you go back to the bridge and see the room significant "2B," take the stairs and head left. Jump under to the area wherein the maker gun is placed and cut through the vent sheathe on the floor. Go v the vent and also destroy the crates in the room past to discover the next code.Code #58 - when you reach vehicle #6, there will certainly be one office to her right. The password is surprise in the office safe.Chapter 13Code #59 - when you find a person on a bunk bed during your find for the room suit, find the bathroom to uncover the code.Code #60 - walk to the left huge room at the north side of the building and search the table to uncover the next code.Code #61 - Leave the room and enter the nearby decontamination chamber. From there, go into the circular room and climb the stairs. Upstairs, find the lab and search because that a vent follow me the left wall. Walk through, autumn down, go into the new room up ahead, and also pick increase the password from a desk to your left.Code #62 - as soon as you begin to find for the keycode, enter the office to her left. The code is ~ above the desk.Code #63 - once your find takes you come the domed building, go up to discover the password in with the machines.Code #64 - once you leave that building, head north and search because that a room v a round table. The password is ~ above the table.Chapter 14Code #65 - after you go into the structure by method of the rope, take treatment of the enemies and pick increase the password from the bench.Code #66 - after you usage the rope to get in the building, go to the opened on the left side and also shoot the chain to lower the planks so you can proceed. Continue forward, turn, and also shoot the chain to reduced the plank to your left. Go down and also enter v the blue door. The code is ~ above a table in the very first room to your right.Code #67 - during the helicopter fight, a code is covert in the rubble to your left.Code #68 - keep going front to hit three much more enemies, and also then pick up the next code from beside the "Heimat" cloth.Code #69 - indigenous there, walk in the contrary direction, right into the ruins. Make your means to the platform close to the yellow pipe, and then walk left and drop under to a brand-new area. Go left to acquire the code from an open drawer.

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Chapter 16Code #70 - In the castle, on your way to uncover the cells, enter the room come the right. The password is in an open up drawer.Code #71 - when you reach the round room through a descending set of stairs, walk down and also enter the very first room top top the right. Go through the door through the trolley and also head appropriate to collect the password from a bench.Code #72 - In the clinical lab, the last code is ~ above the wall surface next to the X-ray chart.