On October 10, 1974, a new kind of superhero emerged from Marvel. The fit the times he was produced in. He was rough, brutal, pragmatic, and unforgiving. In addition, he had a berserker rage, indestructible skeleton structure, and a healing aspect that could withstand a atom bomb blast. The one, the only, WOLVERINE! that appeared and the food of X-Men and also all other Marvel Comics was it was crooked to a more visceral, realistic feel forever. That was quite out that hand until the merc through a mouth confirmed up in the ’90s.

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Now follow to the guide, Incredible Hulk #181 is the very first full illustration of Wolverine. Relying on which publication you own you room on one side or an additional on the following debate. What is the actual very first appearance, is it the cameo or full first appearance that Wolverine? currently there are plenty of investors who room humming the Incredible Hulk #180 is a true legit heir come the very first key the Wolverine. Accordingly, this book has one huge panel through Wolverine in it. Does this do Incredible Hulk #180 the very first true illustration of Wolverine? before your blood push goes v the roof; let’s placed that dispute aside and instead grapple with which is much more profitable, Incredible Hulk #180 or Incredible Hulk #181?

Incredible Hulk #180

The an initial appearance that Wolverine was in Incredible Hulk #180. It is thought about his an initial cameo. However many watch this publication as his very first “true” appearance together he claims his name, and also has a good soliloquy before he assaults in that panel.

Regardless, of where you autumn on the cameo vs. First full appearance discussion this book significant Hulk #180 is his very first cameo appearance in Marvel Comics. He additionally appeared in ads in Marvel Premiere #19 and also two other publications during the very same month together the release of  significant Hulk #181.

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Incredible Hulk #180 was produced on October 10, 1974, through Len Wein (writer) and also Herb Trimpe (pencils). The Overstreet overview designates this book as Wolverine’s “first quick appearance ~ above the last page.” Though taking a next in this dispute is prefer debating what is far better on your hotdog ketchup or mustard? that is every just an individual preference. Well, this dispute will probably proceed to rotate on forever. This book is proceeding to attract converts and also increase significantly in value. Cameos are become highly sought after without the sticker shock the the an initial full appearance. 

TitleGradeLast SaleCGC CensusReturn
Incredible Hulk #1809.8$14,25049+39%
Incredible Hulk #1819.8$47,500137+41%/+18%


Incredible Hulk #181 has far better numbers and also is precious in grade 9.8 (near mint come mint) 3 times more than IH #180 exact same grade. However, the price tag probably limits the number of people who deserve to buy this collectible. Incredible Hulk #180 has actually seen a optimistic +39% rise over the critical year. This compares to tremendous Hulk #181 which had actually a confident +41% end that same time period, both of these numbers space for a great 9.8 near mint to mint book. The problem is the starting point of IH #181 would cost $47,500. This is compared to IH #180 which only would run $14,250 (basically a under payment top top a house). Will we continue to check out these two publications rise in price? The prize to the is yes, together the “past is prologue” in the comic book market. 

The 1970s to be a time of anti-heroes, and also Wolverine is the perfect anti-hero. Through God, the man uses claws to death people! In mine opinion, either book is fine, though ns think Incredible Hulk #180 has an ext room to run. These are most likely two the the height Bronze period comic book picks and also now is the moment to gambling on either. Friend won’t require a healing variable to survive the fallout from the explosion of hype for the following actor favored to beat Wolvie. After ~ all, girlfriend will already be in her bunker analysis your copy of Incredible Hulk #180.