Chapters 18 & 19

Chapter 18 - The fell Spell and also the Quacho Queen

Now the Chapter 18 has actually started, there room a couple of things for you to go and also get, specifically 3 Townsperson Quests.

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Defeat 10 Mirages in the Train GraveyardReward: slow-moving Seed

Pick this one increase from the guy near the Portal in Tometown. This is basic enough search to complete by running approximately the Train Graveyard.
Townsperson pursuit - The Spellstone Scholar

Deliver 1 x Wind Spellstone and also 1 x earth SpellstoneReward: Esuna Seed

Pick this up from the male opposite the Portal in Tometown. You"ll probably have actually these Spellstones through now. If not, just finish it as soon as you do acquire them.
Townsperson quest - The Scareseeker

Imprism an Undead MirageReward: drainpipe Seed

Pick this increase from the male in the main Plaza in Tometown. You can team this up with imprisming the Undead Princess★, otherwise, something favor a Deathskull or Mordskull will do the cheat to complete this.

Before heading come Besaid, there room a pair of treatment Quests and Coliseum battles you can go about getting. You"ll also be able to acquisition the Cloud Champion Medal and Celes Champion Medal indigenous the Girl who Forgot her Name. When you"re head, go back to the Eclipsed an ar and take the path is that to the ideal of Tometown. This will take you to the Eclipsed an ar Station. There"s a woman here with a Townsperson Quest.

Townsperson quest - Dancer"s Dilemma

Imprism a Lady MirageReward: Accuracy+ Seed

Pick this up from the woman in the terminal in the overshadowed Region. Through this point, I had actually imprismed Bablizz, i beg your pardon met this requirement. But something favor the Kaguya Flan (which is easy to imprism) would also work.

Go increase the stairs and open Chest #1/1. Then talk to the Conductor to proceed, and also get a cutscene.

Port Besaid

Welcome come Besaid. Once you"re earlier in control, you"ll watch a Portal back to Nine hardwood Hills. Head every the method to the bottom that this area (so far from the town) to obtain to Chest #1/2. Then start making your method into the town, talk to the man just north the the Portal because that a yellow Hourglass. Then enter Besaid.


When you get in Besaid, look because that the person in the main area with the ? above his head because that a Townsperson Quest. Girlfriend should have the ability to complete it there and then.

Townsperson search - Scaling the wall surfaces of Love

Deliver 5 Fish ScalesReward: Dispel Seed

If friend don"t have them, go to the Chocolatte and purchase them for 500 Gil each.

Then look for the White Cat that"s around the edge near the Portal, and also examine it for Old an individual Posting 4.

Now that that the end the way, if you have actually the complying with Mirages, put them in her party. You"re walking to obtain a pair of Townsperson searches out the way. The Mirages you require (starting with pursuit 1 and working v the subsequent Quests) are:

White NakkWater ToadMimic QueenMalboroMagitek ArmorManticoreMordskull

If girlfriend don"t have a Malboro because that example, don"t put any of the ones the come after it in your party together you won"t have the ability to complete the Quests.

Then head approximately the Shore and speak come the woman on the pier. She has a demanding kid who wants to view some Mirages. Below are all of the Quests associated with her, yet you won"t be able to complete the last one till the Postscript.

Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter I

Produce a White NakkReward: 3000 Gil

You should have one of this by currently or have the ability to transfig a black color Nakk come one.
Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter II

Produce a Water ToadReward: 4000 Gil

You should have actually one of these by currently or can find them in the Windswept Mire - Fen 2.
Townperson quest - The Young Mirage Hunter III

Produce a Mimic QueenReward: 5000 Gil

You should have actually the Mimic Queen Memento if you"ve completed the I hate Lightning! intervention Quest. And also then transfig a Mimic come the Mimic Queen.
Townperson quest - The Young Mirage Hunter IV

Produce a MalboroReward: 6000 Gil

You should have actually one of these by currently or can discover them in the Windswept Mire - Fen 3. You can additionally transfig a Mandrogora come a Malboro.
Townperson quest - The Young Mirage Hunter V

Produce a Magitek ArmorReward: 7000 Gil

You should have imprismed among these in the Underground prison or Mako Reactor 0.
Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter VI

Produce a ManticoreReward: 3 Wind Spellstones

If you regulated to imprism one indigenous the Murkrift in The Train Graveyard, then usage that. Otherwise, see if you have a Sandicore you can transfig.
Townperson pursuit - The Young Mirage Hunter VII

Produce a MordskullReward: 3 planet Spellstones

You should have actually one of these from The Train Graveyard.
Townperson quest - The Young Mirage Hunter VIII

Produce a Mega NightsqualReward: 4000 Gil

You can imprism one in The Sunken Temple, or transfig a Nightsqual to one.
Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter IX

Produce RamuhReward: 3 Lightning Spellstones

Having Ramuh★ is sufficient and easier to gain from the Coliseum too.
Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter X

Produce ShivaReward: 3 ice cream Spellstones

Again, Shiva★ from the Coliseum is sufficient and easier to obtain.
Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter XI

Produce IfritReward: 3 Fire Spellstones

Ifrit★ from the Coliseum is great enough.
Townperson search - The Young Mirage Hunter XII

Produce TamamohiméReward: Megalixir

You"ll be able to transfig Tama to Tamamohimé after acquiring the memento from completing Vestiges that Life.

For the over Quests, girlfriend will need to speak to she - meaning you can"t turn them in remotely. I personally waited till I had actually Tamamohimé and also turned them every in in one go.

Now through that done, go earlier to Besaid and also ensure the you have the following:

Thunder based Mirages - I had actually a Ramuh★ and Zapt stackAnother stack the is not weak come Water (I went through the reliable Ponini and also Holy Dragon combo)Optional: If you have actually a bravery Mirajewel, equip it. Otherwise a Mirage prefer Red Bonnetberry or Kolbold Mimic that can learn it. A couple of Dream PowdersAround 10 Fish ScalesA few Bomb FragmentsA couple of Potions

If you need to purchase bits from Chocolatte, carry out so. Then earlier in Besaid, talk to the three people with ! over there heads. If you can"t discover the third, look for a woman v a pot on she head walking near the portal. Then once you"re back in control, open up Chest #2/2 (you"ll should be a Jiant) from on top of the building. Then go inside. Speak to Shantotto to it is in put right into an unwinnable fight. Precise don"t stroked nerves trying come win.

After a cutscene you"ll it is in under the sea, and accompanied by Tidus. Now the aim is to swim come the Sunken Temple. As you head down, look because that the small glowing points you come to. You"ll acquire some an excellent items native them. Eventually, you"ll obtain to the following dungeon, The Sunken Temple.

The Sunken Temple
Baby TonberryThunder, Light, Confuse, DeathUse physical Attacks
Mega NightsqualThunder, Light, Sleep, BerserkBestow Bravery
MineyThunder, Earth, DarkUnimprismable
MoThunder, Wind, DarkUnimprismable
NightsqualThunder, Light, Sleep, BerserkInflict Sleep
Nightsqual StackQuacho, NightsqualThunder, Dark, Poison, Sleep, DeathN/A
QuachachoFire, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathRestore HP
QuachoThunder, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathRestore HP
Quacho Queen★Thunder, Earth, DarkUnimprismable
Sea SerpentThunder, Poison, Blind, OblivionUser Water Attacks
Sea SnakeThunder, Confuse, OblivionUse Water Attacks
Sea WormThunder, Oblivion, DeathReduce HP
Sea Worm StackBaby Tonberry, Tonberry, Sea WormThunder, Light, Confuse, Oblivion, DeathN/A
SharqualThunder, Wind, Sleep, BerserkUse Fire Attacks
Sharqual StackQuachacho, SharqualFire, Thunder, Wind, Dark, Poison, Sleep, DeathN/A
TonberryThunder, Light, Confuse, DeathDeal a lot of damages at once
Tonberry (Attendant)Thunder,LightUnimprismable
Tonberry KingThunder, LightUnimprismable
Tonberry StackBaby Tonberry, TonberryThunder, Light, Confuse, DeathN/A

When you gain here, there will certainly be a portal earlier to Nine wood Hills, despite there"s nothing brand-new there to do. So start by heading up the stairs because that a cutscene. You"ll discover out that you"re able come walk ~ above the walls that space covered in seaweed. Begin by heading right into the tunnel and also going up the right wall to get to Chest #1/14. Then go ago and walk up the left wall. Go all the means to acquire to Chest #2/14. Once you get back onto the ground, study the water plants because that a endowment trove. Then store left to discover Chest #3/14. Then go earlier and climb up the stairs to the next level.

Here, head v a tunnel and go end a bridge. At the main section, go left and also down the stairs. You"ll uncover that the camera angle changes, and at the bottom, climb up the right-hand wall to get to Chest #4/14. This has actually a Charmchine in. Then rise on the wall surface and go up onto the roof. There"s Chest #51/14 up here. Head back onto the wall surface and contain round to the left and also down. You"ll pertained to a platform whereby you"ll uncover Chest #6/14 (it"s slightly hidden). Go ago to the main area and also go increase the stairs, past the Gimme Golem to the next area.

Then go left and also up the wall surface onto the roof to gain to Chest #7/14. Back on the ground, continue to the next climbing area. Go up to the roof right here to acquire to Chest #8/14. Go ago to the ground, and cross the bridge. When you acquire to the other side, climb up and onto the roof to get to Chest #9/14. This has another Charmchine in. Return to the ground and continue up. You"ll see a Murkrift, overlook it because that now, together with the covering in the left corner. Continue up the stairs and also past the Gimme Golem to a conserve Point. Currently if you desire to walk for the Murkrift, you"re walk to need a Mirage with Reflect.

Murkrift - Level 45

MindflayerFire, ThunderReflect Magic back
SquidrakenFireReflect Magic back

A great one would certainly be to have a Carbuncle in a stack, as lengthy as it has actually it"s passive capability to constantly have Reflect. Otherwise, if you have a Magic Jar, you have the right to use one of those. Having Reflect is important as both the Mindflayers and Squidrakens only use ranged attacks. There"s 3 Mindflayers and also 2 Squidrakens, so you"ll have plenty that prismtunities. If you are imprisming them, when you"ve caught once of each, wipe the remainder out. Otherwise, you have the right to go around imprisming castle in the Coliseum.

When you"re ready, save your game and also head into the following area. Head up a bit and also you"ll be offered a cutscene. This will certainly then send you right into a fight versus the Quacho Queen, Miney, and Mo. The worst strike is the Quacho Queen"s Sweet Breath which can send her stacks come sleep. All three of them are weak come Thunder. What you want to do for this hit is start by taking out Miney and Mo, and also then whittle far at the Queen"s health. When she"s low enough, unstack Lann"s stack. You"re then going come cycle with characters/stacks till it"s Lann"s turn. Girlfriend then want to use just him to attack the Quacho Queen. If you carry out it so the Lann lands the final blow top top the Quacho Queen, you"ll unlock:

Accursed Man-thing!Defeated the Quacho Queen with one of Lann’s attacks.


2 guides

Follow her right into the shell and you"ll find yourself in one more tunnel going down. In ~ the bottom, you"ll be in a cavern. There are a couple of Mirages you have the right to attempt come imprism yet you don"t need to. As soon as you"re about halfway right into the cavern you"ll see Chest #10/14. Then use the conserve Point. In the following area is a ceo battle. Every three space weak to Thunder, therefore if you have a strong Thunder stack, use it.

You"ll it is in up against the Tonberry King and four Tonberry Attendants. I personally provided Thunderbolt and also Banishra a couple of times and managed come miss gaining the Tonberry King"s Everybody"s Grudge. This attack will cause a party wipe. It"s a great idea to remove him as conveniently as possible. Once he"s gone, you"ll gain 8 Arma Gems and the Tonberry King Memento. After a cutscene, you"ll acquire the key of Tides.

Before friend go v the portal, walk left to obtain Chest #11/14. The door ahead is locked, so disregard it for currently - you"ll it is in coming ago later to gain the chests behind the door! Then go back to the Sunken temple via Nine timber Hills for a cutscene. A path to the crystal Tower will appear and the chapter will be finished.

A Prophecy FulfilledFound all of the tricks from the Crimson Prophecy.



Chapter 19 - The various other Nine lumber Hills

There are a couple of new Coliseum fights you can do earlier in Nine timber Hills, along with being may be to acquisition the Tidus Champion Medal and also Shantotto Champion Medal. When you"re prepared to continue with the story - from the beach in Besaid - climb the stairs that have actually appeared. This will certainly take you to the Nonary an ar and an additional version of Nine hardwood Hills.

(The Other) Nine hardwood Hills
MaduinEarth, DarkUnimprismable
Magitek Armor BThunder, WaterUnimprismable
Magitek Armor B StackTerra, Magitek Armor BThunder, WaterN/A

This place looks a lot different from the Nine hardwood Hills friend know. Make your method along the path, and also you"ll obtain a cutscene. After that, store going forward and you"ll be put into a fight against Terra (with she Magitek Armor B) and also Maduin. It"s no a daunting fight. Maduin has a fair amount of damage, but make use of their elemental weaknesses. I provided Abyss because that Maduin and Thundara top top Terra. For defeating them, you"ll gain 9 Arma Gems.

After an additional cutscene, you"ll be in ~ the bottom of the crystal Tower. Head ago to the Nonary region and go down the ramp. At the bottom is Chest #1/1.

Exnine Bahamut???0000000010010010010010010050100Unimprismable
Exnine Bahamut 2???00000000100100100100100100100100Unimprismable
Plumed Knight257202550250-5000-50100100100100100100100100Unimprismable

The crystal TowerMap 1Map 2NameWeaknessesImprism
AsteriusWind, Water, DarkUnimprismable
BombWater, Confuse, Berserk, DeathUse Fire Attacks
BuerWater, LightUnimprismable
GhidraIce,Water, Blind, DeathReduce HP
KrakenThunder, LightUnimprismable
Kuza BeastEarth, DarkLand a Counterattack
Kuza KitEarth, DarkLand a Counterattack
MindflayerFire, Thunder, Blind, DeathReflect Magic Back
Mindflayer StackWater Golem, MindflayerFire, Thunder, Blind, Oblivion, DeathN/A
Mini GolemWind, BlindUse physical Attacks
MoogleIce, Dark, Poison, Sleep, DeathRestore HP
Mythril GiantThunder, Wind, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, BerserkUse miracle Enhancements
Mythril giant StackFire, Thunder, Wind, Oblivion, DeathN/A
PaleberryFire, Dark, Confuse, DeathUse light Attacks
Paleberry StackWind Toad, PaleberryFire, Ice, Dark, Sleep, DeathN/A
Sand WormIce, Wind, Water, Oblivion, DeathLand a Counterattack
Sand Worm StackMini Golem, Sand WormIce, Wind, Water, Oblivion, DeathN/A
Sea WormThunder, Oblivion, DeathReduce HP
Sea Worm StackWater Golem, Sea WormThunder, Oblivion, DeathN/A
SistertaurWind, Water, Light, Confuse, Blind, DeathReduce HP
Sistertaur StackWind Toad, SistertaurIce, Water, Light, Sleep, Blind, DeathN/A
TiamatIce, WaterUnimprismable
TitanWind, DarkLand a crucial Hit
UnicornThunder, Dark, Poison, Blind, SlowInflict condition Ailments
Unicorn StackWater Golem, UnicornThunder, Dark, Poison, Blind, OblivionN/A
Water GolemThunder, OblivionDeal a lot of of damages at once
Wind ToadThunder, Sleep, DeathInflict Oblivion

Before you collection off v the decision Tower, make certain you have Mirages with Smash and also Flutter abilities. This is among the much longer dungeons in the game and also you"ll get around it by utilizing teleportation crystals. As soon as you"re ready, do your way onto the stairs. Don"t worry about going down appropriate now, we"ll be coming ago for that in a bit. So make your way up instead. Once you"re top top the very first landing, overcome the leg to the Flutter Point. Overcome it to gain to Chest #1/10. Then go back across and over the column to the eco-friendly Crystal. Activate it and also you"ll it is in taken increase the Crystal. Head up and also over come the Smash allude to acquire to Chest #2/10. Then overcome the bridge to the main staircase and go into the following area.

As you make your way up you"ll come to one the the few fixed to meet in this area versus Kuza Beasts. They"re it s okay Mirages, for this reason imprism one if you get the chance - yet you don"t have actually to. Beating these Kuza Kits will reward you v a Clearcryst. Friend need four of this to get to the bottom that the dungeon. When you"ve defeated this one, head on up to obtain to Chest #3/10. Climate go ago to the central staircase and also keep climbing the stairs. As soon as you"ve climbed as much as you can, cross the bridge and on your best will be a treasure Trove. Instead of utilizing the eco-friendly Crystal, walk to the Flutter point and usage it to acquire to one more platform. Use the Orange crystal to get to Chest #4/10. Then return the means you came and also use the green Crystal to it is in taken higher up. Use the central staircase to acquire to the next area.

Here will be a Save allude and a Blue Crystal. This Crystal will take you back to the begin of the dungeon and also you have the right to use the Blue crystal at the start to get back to this point. There"s a puzzle switch on the right that needs a weight of 9 and a Wind Resistance the 75. This shouldn"t it is in too hard for you now - just use the Save point to access your Prism case if you require to. Activating this Puzzle Switch will activate two Crystals. Activate the practically Green decision to gain to the following platform. Then use the Orange crystal to obtain to Chest #5/10. Use the Orange crystal to get ago and then begin climbing the spiral staircase. As soon as you gain to the next landing, use the Flutter Point. Climb the following staircase and also at the top will it is in Chest #6/10. Then overcome the bridge, go down and round to get earlier onto the main staircase. Head as much as the following area.

Head end to the landing, and also cross the bridge to obtain to Chest #7/10. then head over and activate the Blue Crystal. This will teleport you to the following platform. Then use the Orange Crystal, adhered to by the green Crystal to conveniently get come the Kuza Beast. Defeat it because that the 2nd Clearcryst. Go back to whereby the Red crystal is, and also use that to gain up come the following level. Head to the Smash allude and eliminate it to gain to Chest #8/10. Then overcome the bridge, go up and around the side to acquire to an additional bridge. Cross and also climb the column to get back to the main staircase to move to the following area.

Now cross the bridge and head to the Flutter Point. Use it to gain to Chest #9/10 and #10/10. Head end to the small staircase and climb it. As soon as you obtain to the top, there will be a Puzzle move that needs a load of 10 and also Earth Resistance of 75. This will turn on one Orange Crystal. Activate it to acquire to the next platform. Then proceed up and over a leg to one more battle versus Kuza Beasts. Loss them for the 3rd Clearcryst. Head up to the next area.

Climb up and also you"ll involved the peak floor of the crystal Tower. The Red Crystal nearby will take it you earlier to the ground floor. If you desire to go down the stairs you didn"t go under at the start, feel cost-free to attempt this route. This will certainly take you down to the decision Tower an enig Respite.

The decision Tower secret Respite

I"d recommend having something choose a black Nakk in one of your stacks together it can learn overcome Slash. It will make the boss fight easier.

Starting from the begin of the dungeon, top top the central staircase, start making your means down. You"ll involved the last fixed Kuza Beast encounter, i beg your pardon will provide you the fourth and final Clearcryst. Proceed down, removing the 4 Gimme Golems (what the Clearcrysts to be for). At the bottom, activate the Orange decision to acquire to the secret Respite.

Head forward to get in a fight versus Titan. He"s a pretty powerful Mirage, but his prismtunity isn"t too bad if you have actually the ability Cross slash in among your stacks. This is since it"s pretty an excellent at landing a vital Hit. So carry out that a couple of times, and also you should be able to imprism him without too much trouble. Defeating Titan will certainly reward you through the Titan Memento.

Back in ~ the top of the decision Tower, to walk forward for a cutscene. Afterward, there will be 2 crystals in this chamber. These will take girlfriend to two different areas that you need to clear.

Green crystal - The room of Wind and Earth

When you get to this area, go down the spiral staircase and over the obelisk to the following staircase. Walk down, over one more platform and also then activate a environment-friendly Crystal to acquire to another platform. Head up and across yet an additional pillar to obtain to the main staircase. Head under the staircase and at the next landing you"ll see a conserve Point. Use it, and collection up stacks to disclose the weakness of the upcoming boss fight versus Asterius and also Tiamat (the table above gives you their weaknesses). Beating them will offer you 8 Arma Gems, and the Asterius and also Tiamat Mementoes. Once you get earlier to the top chamber, 2 seals will have been unlocked. Save your game and activate the Blue Crystal.

Blue crystal - The room of Fire and Water

While you"re here, take it the chance to imprism a Ghidra. When you start here, take it the staircase down, cross the pillar, and also get to one more staircase. Head down and also cross a few more pillars to acquire to the central staircase. Walk down and when you gain to the platform with the conserve Point, conserve and collection up stacks to deal with the Buer and also Kraken. Defeating them will offer you 8 Arma Gems and the Buer and Kraken Mementos. You"ll climate be taken ago to the height chamber and every one of the seals will certainly be unlocked. Walk in the direction of it for a cutscene. The thing will likewise be completed.

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