Girlfriends love come incessantly ask your boyfriends the many bizarre questions. Fact.

It’s choose there is constantly a burning question that has to be asked, whether it’s in ~ one in the morning as soon as all he desires to perform is sleep, or ~ above a long drive. There’s a buildup, and then it ends up being something like “if you had a pets unicorn, what would you surname it?”.

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Of all of the stupid inquiries that girls across the civilization ask their boyfriends, one appears to be an especially prevalent right now on society media – “would girlfriend still date me if i was a worm?”

There is so lot to unpack here. Why has actually this come to be a trend? What the fuck go this also mean? This is the understandable reaction of many, yet where specifically did this tendency start? Why room girls asking their boyfriends this question? Why a worm?

fucckatie69I really believed he to be gonna speak something cute… men ain’t sh!t