If those skeletons room by Vashj"ir, those were known.Neat glitch though. Kind of basic to an insect the game actually, normally it"s as an easy as tabbing during a log in in. ❤
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my inquiry is whereby in the people were u looking? it coulld it is in that huge ocra or stingray or every little thing it to be though
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I"d never ever compare him to Hitler, Hitler was in reality well educated, and by every accounts pretty intelligent.

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Kalimdor, east kingdom and also northrend is favor outland, you can see the leaf of the that game servers world, yet unlike outland that is under water. I"ve managed to much sight come the sheet of the water mass indigenous kalimdor, it simply stops. Also, eversong/ghostlands has its very own separate world border, i m sorry I controlled to phase right into one time.I always hoped over there be some huge scary shit down there us couldn"t reach, like giant sea monsters. I even remember years earlier there to be something saying there were some Beholders lurking underwater in places.
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The shadows for the thing space all wrong if it"s relaxing on the sea bed. >.>If you to be that much out (edge that the human being map) I would guess the you ventured into an artist/dev"s test playground. A spot whereby players won"t usually be going, for this reason they have the right to drop a couple of things to see just how they look in the video game world.If I had actually to guess in ~ what that was... I"m going through a Blue drake or possibly a Chimaeron format hydra. Together for the orb, I"m going come guess the the skeleton to be eating other akin to a large clam. When it was done, it spit the end the orb thing... Climate choked ~ above the shell fragments of that is dinner.
Good point they invested time developing cool skeletons ~ above the bottom of the ocean rather of, girlfriend know... Content.
Good point they spent time occurring cool skeletons top top the bottom that the ocean instead of, you know... Content.
I"d never ever compare him come Hitler, Hitler was in reality well educated, and also by all accounts quite intelligent.
If those skeletons room by Vashj"ir, those were known.Neat glitch though. Sort of basic to bug the video game actually, usually it"s as straightforward as tabbing throughout a log in in. ❤
Ayep, i acknowledge them (saw them through Farseeing), they"re the people in Vashj"Ir..Who knows what function they serve? possibly they"re simply cosmetic due to the fact that Blizzard understand players love to explore, or the huge pearl to be to be a questline... I guess we"ll never uncover out.
I"d never compare him come Hitler, Hitler was in reality well educated, and by all accounts quite intelligent.

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Why on earth would they bother putting this under there? The undersea old god had actually a snack prior to bed i guess...
People theorized that if you obtained to the spot and opened the yog"saron box that it would open and also something magical would come out.As come why the is there. Either over there are people in Blizzard who favor to placed stuff underwater choose that because that explorers, or they simply moved the from somewhere the they didn"t want it.All over the people there is stuff favor 20 feet under the typical ground. Rather of deleting them they simply say "Fuck this, relocate it below the world."
There is weird stuff favor that about the people (of Warcraft).Theres a lot weird landscape as soon as you get exterior of Deepholm. :3
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