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ArtistVarious artist Koch Records
12 march 2002
2.44 / 5.00.5 from 55 ratings

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3.00 stars 1 Intro

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After the intro, syncopated, hard and also tight, pounding, partially annoying jazzy rhythm, RZA aka Bobby Digital, U-God and Inspectah Deck start this arsenal in a reduced that likewise includes the unknown Suga Bang Bang and also Blue Rasperry: strong cut thanks to the three Wu-Tang, energetic rhythm, decent and gloomy chop jazzy, negative RZA, good U-God, far better Deck, the other two undertone. Room for Solomon Childs for a solo reduced in a Wu-Tang album... Killa Beez! (fiuf!) The boy drops great verses and also works additionally for the rapped refrain, available track, listenable, without excesses or too many high-tech lyrical, however the rhythm chosen by RZA, stays halfway between the strait and also the schizophrenic in his skeleton jazzy West coast attempt, there is no musically helping much. "Bar Mitzvah" is a much an ext vicious reduced than the location implies, jazzy rate with hefty g-funkian synth highlighted above the background for the black color Knights solo, decent distribution on a hopping, vivid rhythm, playful. One more solid reduced follows: ODB madly as usual in the introduce hook, RZA choose up the games and also delivers a city of one embarrassing technical ineffectiveness; an extremely tight jazzy boom bap, at the border of the annoying, skeletal, simplistic, bland, Dirty McGirt top top the second line, tries come contain himself, syncopated flow, bold, the end of the box, there is no meaning. An additional solo, round to Warcloud top top a light, tense, gloomy and simplistic jazzy eight bap, the rapper shows up only decent, struggling to it is in captivating.Killarmy and Prodigal Sunn bless this effort with among the ideal managed and also most underrated cuts here: "Dancing with Wolves". Excellent tight and also essential jazzy beat, simple, wonderful dope shipment of the group, Prodigal Sunn at your level here, smooth and also clean, does his job. Mr Superb in the an initial of his 2 cuts, is gift on a simple, light and weak production, although available and isn't helped by a quite mediocre delivery of his partner Intrigue; rather bad female R&B hook / background. Lord Superb redeems himself in the following one, "Take united state Space", many thanks to great cut of fourth Disciple, which blesses the reduced with a light jazzy beat, a slight disturbing wind that whistles with the track. Mr Superb slow flow, Solomon Childs helps him through a good delivery, fantastic female soulful hook, good soul sample looped tight in the background, Superb good, remarkable Solomon Childs through his raw, heavy, refined, dominant flow. We arrive in this extensive meaningless discontinuity at monitor ten: black Knights and the one who need to been the landlord, the RZA, ~ above a tight, skeletal, basic and dirty jazzy rhythm, half-underground, paradoxically the black color Knights are better than RZA, trivial hook. Thinking around it, it's no at all paradoxical. Shyheim's very first intervention instantly after, through the black color Knights and Two ~ above Da Road: decent, really tight, simple and accessible rhythm jazzy beat, that goes from flow verses to poorly ceded verses, closes a Shyheim that is together talented as his colorless flow.By popular need (...) Cappadonna lastly arrives. His absence was felt, luckily through him there's a whole collection of competent rappers who obscure him: important and available tight jazzy boom bap, Cappadonna intro and initial verse rather forgettable, better Solomon Childs who takes the aggressive track and also delivery shiny, dirty, technical, decisive, great look (MVP the the cut and also not only), weak hook of Suga Bang Bang, in the direction of decent of 12 O'Clock, far better P Sunn, hysterical verse, hysterical flow, hurried, good verse, Timbo King closes, fairly calmer 보다 the others, in the direction of decent. Likewise the following one is a posse track, this time more mediocre than the others: Warcloud stands the end on the others through a an excellent flowing verse, dirty, underground, discreetly Crisis, better Timbo King, v Clivaringz in charge of closing "Woodchuck", chop rhythm, decent jazzy-funky, not too easily accessible and really annoying since of that also tight looped horn that partially obscures the deliveries that the performers. There's another posse track, a "great choice" to put them every in a row: simple, tight boom, light jazzy, skeletal, contempt annoying, confused in the background, black Knights open, mediocre as usual top top this beat that exploits that the wonderful light synths that g-funkian origin, Northstar at the same weakly short level as the black Knights, Solomon Childs is a totally different country; he travels slowly, flowing, clean, solid, dope; Shyheim close the door well.The recent cuts provide us the opportunity to lug the CCF department and PC above to irradiate from the underground in a decent, accessible, irradiate jazzy party beat, there room clear West shore vibes through background for the club, decent distribution of the performers. Shyheim earns (?!) his well-deserved solo in the finale, v a cut different native the others, just for this interesting, with a middle Eastern nuanced keyboard riff, light and relaxing jazzy eight bap, through bare bongos in the background, good cut soloist. The initial disc is closeup of the door by "KB Ridin'", final posse track v Suga Bang Bang always mediocre on the hook, RZA again mediocre, ShaCronz the closes the games with a decent city technically distant from that of the various other performers, who room Ghostface Killah & an approach Man, easily improved v well-delivered verses. On this rhythm, a good tense, tight, important and really dark boom bap jazzy is still noticed by ns Sunn, exceptionally up to the best.The bonus disc offers us some pearls and also other typical cuts: "Odyssey" ends up in the an initial category. Good cut, an excellent boom bap jazzy soulful, essential, light, slow, practically ballad, v flute, great spoken shipment by RZA, calm, decisive, determined, killer hook by Isaac Hayes. Climate skit ("Thirsty") and also the second good cut, "Digi-Electronics": posse track that presents an impressive boom bap crucial jazzy, bouncy, dirty, good pop-like hook of pressure MD's in the background, opens up RZA under the moniker Bobby Digital and also tries to extract a decent city on this cut, towards never ever flowing, dirty, technically really weak, climate hook, then Doc doom to give brand-new value to the reduced with a much better versus shorter verse RZA, attacks well Madam Scheez who closes a velvet verse, technical, clean, flowing, almost dope, hook, climate Timbo King to tug the cut, Shyheim to tear it and also Freemurder that drops a an excellent smoothness verse. "Billy" is fairly decent, a little better than the others on the initial record: jazzy tight, essential, dope, dark, extreme rhythm, RZA hardcore, determined, partly flowing delivery, good cut. There's one instrumental reduced ("RZA Beat", without too lot imagination) before the last one, "La Rhumba" remix: Latin eight bap dance, with Latin hook, tight, essential, eight of RZA quite forgettable however that go away fast, functional hook, top top this pace far better Joe, Meth closes.The trouble is the very same as "Wu-Tang Killa Beez": sporadic appearances through members the the initial Clan and also too much an are for affiliates. Among others, black Nights, north Star and Shyheim, yet the only ones who shot not to do the Clan regret are the Killarmy and also the hungry young mr Superb. Solomon Childs and Prodigal Sunn likewise stand out positively. In manufacturing there's RZA and you intend it to reach his level also in this effort, instead it's among his worst collections of rhythms, i m sorry makes half of this tracks just junk. There space some an excellent tracks, while others space mediocre, but at least half the document is plagued through weak rhythms and / or rappers that don't worthy to it is in on a Wutanghian album.Highlights: "Killa Beez", "Dancing through Wolves", "Take increase Space", "Doe Rae Wu", "KB Ridin'". Indigenous the bonus disc, stand the end "Odyssey" and also "Digi-Electronics".Rating: 6/10. The rare an excellent cuts of this document drag the others, and also therefore the disk together a whole, from the bottom the the lake to the critical light of sufficiency.