In the new WWE 2K19 game, Money in the bank is among the cool features that can bring some interesting possibilities because that gameplay. Similar to in WWE, superstars can hold ~ above a Money in the bank briefcase through a title enhance contract inside. They can use that to cash in because that a shot at the championship at a time lock choose. Here’s a look at how to create and cash in a WWE 2K19 Money in the bank briefcase in the new game.

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How to develop a WWE2K19 Money in the financial institution briefcase

The new WWE 2K19 Money in the bank customization gives gamers a wide selection of options in state of producing a unique look for your briefcase. Gamers have the right to make it look similar to what they’ve checked out in the previous on WWE pay-per-views, or change it to it is in something totally new.

on the top WWE 2K19 menu, walk over come “Creations.” Scroll down to pick “MITB.” choose “New” to create a new MITB briefcase. Finish MITB design phase (choosing colors, textures, logos). Intake MITB details (such together target title, who has actually the MITB). Finalize the MITB briefcase because that gameplay.

Once the MITB customization display arrives, gamers will go through the MITB architecture phase. There room plenty of options available. Colors, textures, and also logos can be added to do the briefcase look as initial or comparable as possible.

The selections are huge with the capability to throw any type of show or PPV’s logo design on the case as well as other images. Gamers can readjust the sizing of what’s portrayed on the case. In addition, the variety of colour is impressive, definition it can be just about any shade of any color top top the spectrum. Controller buttons to relocate the briefcase about or zoom in and out are shown on the bottom that the design screen.


In “MITB Information,” gamers get to collection the name for their conserved MITB briefcase and which championship come target. There’s a spot come input who is holding the WWE 2K19 MITB briefcase, but this can also remain blank. To readjust these settings at any type of time, head come the mine WWE and also then WWE Universe food selection settings top top the game.

Once the briefcase is done, the is obtainable for use exclusively in the game. Gamers deserve to also include it come “Community Creations” because that the human being to use in their own games. This is the same area that gamers placed custom 2K19 superstars and other items they create.

How come cash in WWE 2K19 Money in the bank briefcase

Another great aspect around having the Money in the financial institution briefcase is the gamers deserve to cash that in a time of your choosing. That contains ahead that a enhance to make it “fair and square.” Additionally, gamers deserve to cash in your MITB briefcase ~ a complement ends to take advantage of a worn down or beaten increase champion.

A brand-new aspect in WWE 2K19 gameplay is that gamers can cash in during a championship match. V this brand-new addition, it’s possible to create a Triple Threat match for the championship, something the wasn’t obtainable in the previous editions that WWE 2K.

Gamers can cash in Money in the bank in both Exhibition and also Universe setting in WWE 2K19 too.

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In universe Mode, walk to the Calendar. Modify the present where the MITB briefcase holder is (Raw, SmackDown, or NXT). Walk to edit Championships. In the Money in the bank slot, change whoever is there with the newly-created briefcase. Pick which superstar is stop the briefcase.

Cash in MITB after or during a match

To cash in after ~ a match, the MITB briefcase holder need to be top top that exact same show’s roster. Push “X” after ~ a complement involving the targetted champion is over. If “Cash In” mirrors up, there’s the chance for a cash-in ideal then.

To cash in during a match, wait because that the bell to ring. Pause the game and choose the “Cash In” option. The WWE 2K19 Money in the financial institution briefcase holder will arrive at the ring, creating a Triple hazard title match!