From the Scottrade center in St. Louis, MOYour hosts are Byron Saxton, JBL, and also Michael Cole

 We are shown a video clip package native Payback last night. The featured a narrator. We experienced that Vince McMahon had actually both Shane and Stephanie McMahon run RAW together and also the main event. We additionally saw just how both Shane and also Stephanie re-started the match and also the interference native Luke Gallows & knife Anderson

  The display starts through Stephanie heading down to the ring. She is stop a purchase bag. As she is about to speak, Shane interrupts. The crowd chants “Shane O-Mac” together he plays approximately the crowd. Stephanie then talks about being a an excellent business person and also offers Shane the bag together a gift. That pulls out the gift and its the photo that Vince smashed once he to be holding Shane backstage at his very first WWE live event. Stephanie then asked the crowd who’s concepts they wanted to hear and also she obtained booed for this reason Shane tells united state he has a few things in mind. However, Kevin Owens interrupts and tells us how this is a lovely sight, seeing a brother & sister obtaining along. Owens climate tells them he has actually a great idea and the crowd boos however Owens tells them that was not asking them however rather the McMahon’s. Owens claimed after decimating Sami Zayn critical night in ~ Payback, the deserves a shot at the Intercontinental Title and wants the tonight. Owens climate sucks up to Stephanie by speak she has actually sense and also that he has no belief in Shane to run RAW. Owens then stated he never had his contractually obliged rematch and they both state it is a valid allude but Cesaro interrupts. Cesaro claimed last night he had actually Miz beat in the ring but the referee to be tied up with a whiner and complainer as Owens tries come blame that on Zayn. Cesaro climate gets pissed around not gift the champion as Shane tells us in the “new era,” we clear up things in the ring and also they will have actually a match next to recognize the #1 competitor for the Miz’s Intercontinental Title.

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This to be a fine means to open up the show. Owens picked things up once he come out as he proceeds to it is in on a role character-wise. I additionally liked that they space making the Intercontinental location seem important again. The act v Stephanie make the efforts to it is in nice to her brother did no really seem to go anywhere as I do not know that anyone can suspend enough shock to believe Stephanie to be being sincere. However, they at least established the story the the 2 attempting to job-related together in ~ the beginning, which will ultimately lead to the an ext than likely power struggle between the two. 

  Intercontinental title #1 challenger Match: Kevin Owens vs. CesaroThe Miz and also Maryse space on commentary. Cesaro start the enhance by hitting the uppercut train. He adheres to that v a dropkick because that a nearfall as Owens rolls outside. Cesaro operation out and takes Owens down through a senton off of the barricade. Earlier inside, Cesaro gets two through a crossbody as Miz is talks about how the beat Cesaro critical night and also refused to answer Cole’s question on even if it is or no he tapped out. Owens records Cesaro v a supervisor kick then gets two with a senton. Castle exchange chops briefly till Owens access time a DDT for a nearfall. Owens functions the arm then taunts the crowd and also even yells at Cole. Owens heads up top yet Cesaro cuts him off through an uppercut. Owens headbutts Cesaro off yet gets dropkicked together Cesaro climate hits a at sight gutwrench suplex because that a nearfall. Owens breaks Cesaro’s neck off of the optimal rope climate hits Cesaro through a frog splash off of the apron together we head to break. The activity returns through Owens in control. That fights turn off a barrage if uppercuts come hit a German suplex. Cannonball it s okay two. Cesaro avoids a Pop-Up Powerbomb then hits a springboard corkscrew uppercut. Owens roll out together Cesaro takes him out with an uppercut. Cesaro celebrates with the group then assaults Owens after that tried come grab the Miz’s Intercontinental Title. Cesaro climate uppercuts Miz and also heads within to put Owens in the swing but Miz attacks Cesaro because that the DQ (11:30) ***1/4. ~ the match, Owens yells in ~ the Miz for costing him a title shot then Cesaro fights back. Miz and also Owens strike Cesaro but Sami Zayn runs the end for the save and also at the end, holds increase the IC location Belt together the group does the “Yes” chants.

Thoughts: Good match. And much more importantly, they continued to play off of the momentum this for had actually after Payback. It seems that castle are building up come a four-way complement for the belt and that has potential to be fantastic match.  Dean Ambrose is backstage when Stephanie approaches. Dean tells Stephanie the he is no buying she act of being nice come everyone together she then tells the he deserve to have her on the “Ambrose Asylum” tonight together the guest for an open up forum.

  After commercial, Tyler Breeze and also R-Truth space backstage with selfie-sticks. Truth is utilizing an actual stick here, finish with pipeline an everything for his phone. Truth says they team up as the “Gorgeous Truth” and also that that will also teach him just how to rap. He proceeds to rap until Goldust interrupts. Truth and Goldust argue till Fandango come over together Goldust’s partner for tonight.I feel negative for Breeze and also Fandango. Being pawns in this dead-end angle as R-Truth and also Goldust try to make each various other jealous is not exactly a sign you space going anywhere.

  AJ layouts is backstage through Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. They tell AJ how he was good last night, even phenomenal, but AJ simply talks about how he lost. Gallows claimed that the will obtain his possibility at excessive Rules since anything goes. Gallows even said that at extreme Rules, there is no means Roman Reigns leaves through the title. Reigns climate interrupts and says after critical night, he respects AJ but not Gallows & Anderson. Reigns climate tells AJ that Gallows & Anderson execute not think he can beat that alone then difficulties the three of them come a six-man tag as the Usos show up behind Reigns. AJ speak Reigns he will certainly beat him because that the title, through himself, at extreme Rules and also tonight, him and also his boys will win too. JBL then pointed out that the “Club” can be with each other again.I favored this segment. It played turn off of what taken place at Payback and also they are setting up intrigue v Gallows & Anderson hinting around interfering top top AJ’s behalf while Reigns speak AJ they (Gallows & Anderson) do not think he can beat him alone. Really, AJ comes out of this looking like the ultimate babyface: the is fighting a bigger opponent who describes himself as “The Guy” and also is conflicted between his friends and also doing the best thing. Its practically like they are writing this to obtain AJ over together a face. 

  Goldust w/ Fandango vs. Tyler Breeze w/ R-TruthOkay, therefore this is not a sign team match. Breeze put on Truth’s doo-rag. Goldust knocks Breeze down and also yanks off the rag and also tosses it at Truth. Goldust tries to acquire the attention of Truth, who is taking selfies, yet Breeze operation him right into the corner. Truth then distracts Goldust as Breeze rolfes him up from behind because that the victory (1:48) DUD.

Thoughts: This was awful, even by lower-card comedy standards. I mean, the Truth/Goldust edge seems prefer it has no finish in sight and is lengthy past even the slightly amusing stage. Everyone connected in this came out of the looking choose a loser. The best thing I have the right to say is the it was short.  New job come out to the ring after ~ the break. The announcers point out Enzo Amore’s injury the took ar at Payback as the Vaudevillians will confront the new Day because that the tag Team title at extreme Rules. We are displayed a replay that Enzo Amore’s injury last night together he suffered a concussion. Huge E stumbles end his line then ad-libs around that and the crowd end up offering him an applause. After some messing around, we are shown a Tweet the Enzo outside of the hospital climate Xavier note they will have their enhance later but after that, the Vaudevillians interrupt. Aiden English talks about what taken place last night was tragic but this is a difficult business and also a real guy would have actually gotten back up, real males like themselves. English climate sings around being the #1 contenders come the sign Team titles together Simon Gotch said they made Enzo the “realest male in the emergency room” and also asks exactly how is that doing. The Dudley Boyz climate interrupt as Bubba refers to the Vaudevillians together “carnies” and how they just stood there and did naught to win the match and as far as he and D-Von room concerned, they need to start the competition again. D-Von runs them down but after that, huge Cass interrupts. Cass come out together he is ailing of the Vaudevillians running there mouths and also he will now have to end up what they started last night. Cass climate mocks Bubba’s previous stuttering gimmick prior to calling castle soft. Cass operation inside and attacks the Vaudevillians then everyone brawls as we head into commercial.I assumed the segment was fine. The new Day got to execute their shtick but much more importantly, the other guys all obtained a chance to shine. They ultimately let the Vaudevillians show some personality and they walk fine. Gotch dissing Enzo pissed off the crowd and also English’s singing was impressive. Bubba and Cass were enjoyable top top the mic as well. 

  The brand-new Day & huge Cass vs. Vaudevillians & Dudley BoyzThis complement was produced by Shane McMahon and also started during the break. Woods was in regulate of English then took that down v a headscissors. Gotch tagged in as the brand-new Day job-related him over v Bubba yelling “I thought you males were good” from the apron in ~ the Vaudevillians. Cass to win on Gotch in the corner before the brand-new Day hit the Unicorn Stampede. Bubba provides a remote tag climate boots Woods in the confront then yells in ~ the Vaudevillians exactly how you win your adversary as he nails Woods with crossfaces. The heels cut off the ring together Woods is in trouble. Woods lastly comes earlier with one enziguiri ~ above Bubba yet he to be unable to make the tag. D-Von is in yet misses a diving headbutt as Xavier is able to tag Kofi, who runs wild. The Vaudevillians climate take Kofi exterior as English rams him into the write-up as us head to break. The activity returns through the heels neutralizing Kofi in your corner. D-Von gets a nearfal through a suplex then the Vaudevillians hit a couple of double-team moves. They knock the remainder of the brand-new Day turn off of the apron however run into a twin dropkick ~ that. Cass rallies behind Kofi then tags in together the crowd pops. Cass runs wild then Bubba division up a pinfall and after that the complement breaks down. D-Von snaps Cass’s neck off of the rope together Bubba access time a earlier suplex because that a nearfall. They set up for the 3D yet Kofi takes the end Bubba through a springboard crossbody then Cass hits D-Von through the east River Crossing because that the success (15:48) *3/4.Thoughts: Cass running wild was fun however most of this enhance was dull, if not disjointed. The Vaudevillians did no impress in the ring and also they were offered a hard amount that time on offense. Cass to be made come look like the star here and also he gave a solid performance.

  We space shown much more footage indigenous the main event at Payback, i m sorry help set up the six-man sign main occasion for tonight.  

Now, us are presented still picture of the Charlotte vs. Natalya enhance that witnessed a recreation of the “Montreal Screwjob” finish. Cole also pointed out exactly how the referee that the match, Charles Robinson, is a friend of Ric Flair together we check out clips the him as “Little Naich” in WCW.  Becky Lynch vs. EmmaWe are presented the tweets that have actually led to this match. Emma slaps Beck after a break in the corner. Becky comes earlier to record Emma with a Dragon Screw then sends out her outside with a dropkick. Becky takes Emma down exterior with a clothesline native the apron. Earlier inside, Emma yanks Becky turn off of the top rope after a battle in the corner. Emma takes regulate with part hair pulling before a twin underhook suplex gets she a nearfall. The group rallies behind Becky as she division out that a full nelson. Emma take away her ago down through a boots to the challenge as that gets two. Emma bring away Becky under in the edge then hits a running crossbody after yelling how it is around her. Becky comes ago with a clothesline then runs wild as the group approves. Exploder gets two. Emma rolls exterior to protect against the Disarmer but comes ago with one eye poke then hits a Michinoku Driver for the victory (5:45) **.

Thoughts: I assumed that the match was fine. I prefer the idea the these two feuding an make Emma the #2 hoe of the Women’s division sounds choose a great idea come me.  Primo & Epico are in Puerto Rico and talk about the wonderful food lock have, no the rapid food and also frozen dinners us have. This is a really, yes, really weak means to obtain heel heat in 2016. 

 Ambrose Asylum with guest Stephanie McMahon. She puts over Ambrose because that his show and is smiling. Ambrose asks her about how this nice and happy Stephanie is no the one the he knows and also after what occurred at Payback, she must be filled through rage. Stephanie talks around last night being the very first PPV of the “new era” and also tries to kiss up to the crowd, who mainly remained silent. Ambrose then reflects her a picture of Reigns spearing she at WrestleMania. Stephanie stated she was overzealous and also was taught a an useful lesson for being in the ring once she did not belong. Ambrose then asks her about Shane returning after several years and how that is loved as the crowd again chants because that Shane. Ambrose tells her it have to sting to see him operation RAW better than the Authority ever had as Stephanie puts end the WWE Universe commitment for still love Shane ~ all that time away. Ambrose keeps trying come goad Stephanie into dropping she facade yet she estimates her father about how he said periodically things require to adjust and now, she should apply that to him. She climate officially cancels the Ambrose Asylum. He climate takes his potted plant and leaves as Stephanie welcomes us the returning host of the highlight Reel, kris Jericho. Ambrose and also Jericho rigid each other down in the aisle prior to they start brawling. They finish up brawling in the ring till Jericho hits the Codebreaker. Jericho has actually a cut on his face that is bleeding climate he take away Ambrose’s plant, Mitch, and also smashes it end his head.I really liked Ambrose connecting with Stephanie here. However, an ext Jericho/Ambrose is not that exciting, especially seeing just how Ambrose beat him clean last night. I dont think a feud revolving about hosting a talk show has that lengthy of a shelf life.   

United states Championship #1 Contender battle Royal: Sin Cara, Rusev, Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Viktor, Damien Sandow, Stardust, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Alberto Del Rio, Apollo Crews, Darren Young, Sheamus, and also Baron CorbinKalisto is on commentary. Viktor is immediately eliminated by Titus, who then eliminates Sandow. Crews at some point eliminates Stardust v a dropkick as he tried to skin-the-cat. Young is tossed out after the then Sheamus Brogue Kicks Crews off of the apron because that the elimination. Ziggler climate eliminates Corbin with a dropkick however Corbin drags that out and beats the down before rolling him back inside for this reason Rusev can toss him out then us head come break. The action returns through Kalisto placing over the legacy of the U.S. Title as Sheamus eliminates Titus. Del Rio tosses Axel climate Sin Cara eliminates Dallas. Sin Cara hits a couple of high-flying moves on the previous League of countries guys however Del Rio end up eliminating him. The former League that Nations and also Ryder room the final four. They all suggest and yell at each other as Ryder is on the mat climate they stomp him. Ryder hangs on the ropes as the rather all attack each other. Sheamus hangs on ~ getting struck by Del Rio and also Rusev however Del Rio bring away him turn off the apron through a super kick. Del Rio celebrates but walks right into a roundhouse kick by Rusev. Del Rio hangs top top the apron yet Ryder takes him off with a dropkick as it is down to him and also Rusev. The group chants because that Ryder together he takes Rusev down. He hits the Broski boot then tries to toss that out yet Rusev reverses and also eliminates Ryder as Rusev is the brand-new #1 contender. Lana comes into the ring together Rusev is yelling at Kalisto (13:38) **1/2.Thoughts: I assumed this to be pretty good for a battle royal. They continued the Corbin vs. Ziggler feud and also had the previous League of nations members strike each other. Rusev winning will hopefully lead to some type of singles press as that is simply criminally underutilized. Kalisto right had any type of presence at every on commentary. Ryback was no here and also its to be reported the he is at this time in the middle of a contract problem with the company. The was originally scheduled come be component of the match.  

On Smackdown, Sami Zayn will be the guest on the highlight Reel.  Ric Flair and also Charlotte head out to the ring. Charlotte has actually her dad yell “wooooo” prior to telling us how Natalya and also her uncle Bret Hart moved her come the border last night yet regardless, she is still the champion. Charlotte talks about people on Twitter walking on about a conspiracy as her dad speak her all the Hart’s quit. Charlotte then said she walk not desire her title reign to it is in marred with conflict then brings out referee Charles Robinson. Charlotte climate yells “the queen is talking” at the crowd once they boo her as she asks Charles if Natalya gave up. He stated that while she did no physically insanity out, she did so mentally through yelling “stop it” together he states the decision is main as Charlotte confirms this decision was no the an outcome of that being friend to the family. He leaves then Natalya comes out and also has words with Ric, saying the he paid turn off a referee come make certain his daughter stayed the champ. Natalya climate takes Charlotte down and kicks her outside. Ric stares her down then takes off his jacket, watch, and also Hall of reputation ring however Natalya slaps him then takes Ric down and also applies the Sharpshooter. Charlotte pulls her dad to safety and security as Natalya place on Ric’s watch and ring. 

  Backstage, Charlotte and Flair space walking together Stephanie comes approximately them. Stephanie stated the truth Flair walk not have actually his watch and ring room “embarrassing” before putting over Charlotte’s figure eight submission. Stephanie then provides Charlotte vs. Natalya in a Submission complement at excessive Rules because that the Womens Title. Stephanie then said that Flair was becoming a distraction and he will certainly not be permitted ringside. Stephanie then asked Flair she can still gain a “wooooo” however he does not oblige.

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The stipulation makes sense. I was not a pan of the finish to critical night’s match however its clear the was just used to set up this stipulation for extreme Rules. Plus, it actually puts Charlotte top top a level playing ar with her dad gift unable come bail she out. Speaking of Flair, his face expressions right here were excellent. Also, it appeared that the WWE want to punishment Flair because that the occurrence that arisen in Boston’s Logan airplane this previous week as Stephanie kept bringing up how he was embarrassing and also a distraction.  

 AJ layouts & Luke Gallows & karl Anderson vs. Roman inn Reigns & The UsosAJ and also Reigns begin off the complement as they walk back-and-forth. Gallows tags self in and works over Reigns in the corner. Reigns fights earlier as the group boos his every move. Jimmy tags and also he hits an enziguiri prior to tagging Jey, that gets caught coming turn off of the peak with a large boot. Well, that moved missed by fairly a bit. Jey it s okay dumped outside then Reigns and Jimmy come the end to confront off AJ and the others as we head to break. The enhance returns through Anderson working over Jey. Spinebuster gets two. AJ tags and also works a front facelock. Gallows come in come knock Jey down when he tried to fight back but AJ goes end to him and said he has this under control however Jey records him through a super kick then tags Reigns, that runs wild. He tries the Superman punch on AJ yet gets captured with an enziguiri. Jimmy tags and lands a few nearfalls then the enhance breaks down. ~ above the outside, Reigns gets hit by the boots of Doom then AJ catches Jimmy v the Phenomenal Forearm because that the victory (11:30) **1/2. After ~ the match, Gallows & Anderson bring a chair right into the ring and hold up Reigns however AJ decides against hitting him. However, the Usos run in as Jimmy hits AJ in the earlier with a chair. The Usos operation wild on Gallows & Anderson but AJ comes earlier to take the end the Usos through a chair. Reigns see this and that sets that off as he hits AJ through a Superman beat then roughs him up outside before powerbombing him v the announcers table.Thoughts: The match itself was simply slightly over average yet what took place later on was excellent. If the goal is to make AJ look favor a sorry babyface, climate they space really succeeding. Besides that, the totality storyline about AJ and Reigns is just great with all the components clicking. 

 Final Thoughts: Good present tonight. The Reigns/AJ feud has actually been fantastic, they room elevating the Intercontinental Title, and attempting to regain the tags Team Division. Rusev together the #1 contender for the U.S. Title is another positive together well. And another womens feud, like Becky and Emma, is promising.As we observed tonight, you can see that they room trying come align particular performers with either Shane or Stephanie. Because that instance, Stephanie appreciated Owens worship then screwed Ambrose the end of his talk show segment, i beg your pardon can produce conflict in between her and Shane, the one who gave Ambrose his show. Owens has likewise told Shane, the one that kicked him the end of the arena, that he has done a disastrous job to run the show.The manage of life storyline has normally sucked and is filled v plotholes but there are a many other positives walking on in the company at the moment.