– Kevin Owens renders his method to the ring to carry out commentary, and also to harass Michael Cole. Owens actually buried Cole, saying the he fired Ranallo since Cole found Ranallo was much better than the was.

Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio w/King Barrett vs. Kalisto, Sin Cara and also Dolph Ziggler: Rusev and also Kalisto started the match, with Rusev mocking Kalisto for being small. Kalisto offered his speed, and also worked kicked and largely remained away from Rusev. A tornado DDT gained a close to fall. Cara tagged in, they functioned some twin teams on Rusev, yet he tagged in Del Rio. Cara maintained control until Del Rio cut him off and also landed part kicks. Kalisto acquired the remote tag and hit a RANA off the top, Sheamus was additionally sent come the floor and the dragon hit stereo dives. Ziggler climate tossed Rusev come the floor and went increase top and also dove top top the pile as Owens said Cole to shut up. Advertisement time.

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Back native the break and the league of Nations worked the warm on Cara. The league slowly functioned over Cara in your corner, tagging in and out and also during this time, Owens was just ruining Cole in glorious fashion. Top top one hand the funny as hell, ~ above the other they aren’t paying attention to the match. Cara finally associated with the dropkick on Del Rio, and also finally got the tag to Ziggler. Good hot tag native Ziggler, Sheamus post himself and Ziggler fight the DDT for a near fall when Del Rio do the save. It damaged down v Cara acquisition Del Rio come the floor, yet then eating a kick from Rusev. Kalisto tried a RANA ~ above Del Rio ~ above the floor, but got slammed come the barricade. In the ring, Ziggler hit the fameasser ~ above Sheamus for 2. He fought off Rusev and Del Rio, but Owens then distracted him, enabling Sheamus to hi the brogue kick for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio
8:45 via pin
Rating: **½

– Brock Lesnar will go back to Smackdown tonight, this will certainly be his very first Smackdown figure in 12-years.

– Sasha banks walks.

Tamina w/Naomi vs. Sasha Banks: Tamina took regulate right away after a Naomi distraction, slamming financial institutions to the mat and then tossing her approximately the ring. Banks tried to respond to a earlier suplex, fell down, yet then started her comeback and also hit the twin knees in the corner. Naomi again tried to odor her, financial institutions knocked her to the floor and then fight a bulldog into the financial institutions statement and that to be all.

2:22 via submission
Rating: NR

– post match Naomi and also Tamina attacked Banks, and Becky Lynch made the save and also cleared the ring. She actually did a operation in without music, which ns appreciated. Lynch confirm on Banks, that then shoved her away.

– Lynch and also Banks meet backstage, and also they argue. Lynch says they need to be united to victory on Sunday. Lynch and also Banks agree that they desire their WrestleMania moment, and also Lynch says they require each other. Financial institutions grabs her and also says that they aren’t friends, but she no losing. Lock promise come kick part lass, favor a boss.

– chris Jericho makes his method to the ring. He wants to offer AJ formats the answer come his an obstacle from Raw, and also calls the end Styles. He gets the Miz instead. Miz states everyone is sick of Styles and also Jericho, and also Jericho asks if Miz is going to quit wrestling. Miz no quitting, and surely would certainly not execute it here and tonight. His announcement is that he to be the guest organize of the article Grammy party at the Playboy mansion, and also that Jericho will confront him tonight. Lock brawl and Jericho tosses Miz to the floor.

The Miz vs. Kris Jericho: Miz speak trash to begin, however Jericho operated him over and he bailed come the floor. Jericho chased, ago in the ring and chops followed by Jericho. Jericho controlled, to the edge and an installed rights followed. Jericho was in control, but posted himself, which enabled Miz to take control. Miz worked the warmth for a bit until Jericho connected with a dropkick. Commentary sucks without Mauro as they keep mentioning all the factors that Miz in reality isn’t a star. Jericho struggle a high cross off the optimal for a near fall. Jericho then sent Miz to the floor, Miz come the apron and also ate the springboard dropkick. Baseball slide dropkick through Jericho followed, and then the slammed Miz to the apron. Miz recorded Jericho ~ above the means back in, fight the running kicks to the head and took control as he saw commercial.

Back from the commercial as Miz was still in control. Miz functioned his normal fine, yet uninspired heat segment; doing not have the fire he had a few weeks back against Styles. Jericho then made his comeback, hitting the twin sledge off the top and an enziguri for a close to fall. Miz fought off the walls, yet Jericho hit the bulldog and also then the lionsault missed; Miz spiked him with the short DDT because that 2. Miz tried because that the skull-crushing finale, countered through Jericho right into the butterfly earlier breaker, which got 2. Miz lastly fired up a bit, fee Jericho in the corner however Jericho captured him and also scored with the walls and also Miz tapped.

12:30 via submission
Rating: ***

– Jericho praised Miz because that a good match and then called out Styles. Jericho claims you’re only as an excellent as your last match, and he beat formats in their last match. He knows formats wants to make a name, yet he’ll need to do it with someone else. Jericho respects Styles, call him one of the finest in the world, but he no really prefer him and doesn’t desire to execute him any type of favors. Jericho denies Styles’ rematch. Layouts then kicked the shit the end of Jericho and also sent him come the floor. Jericho acquired the mic again and also a pissed off Jericho claimed that was a stupid move, and also agreed come the rematch. Jericho then said layouts would remorse it.

– We get highlights from Monday’s promo segment in between Reigns and Heyman.

– Dean and Roman walk, and discuss Ambrose trying come hit dirty deeds top top Raw. Ambrose claimed it’s to be a lengthy week, and also just wants to acquire in the ring and get his mind right. Reigns says not to pull that dirty deeds stuff again, and also Ambrose asks if he have the right to take a joke. Ambrose then runs into Heyman, messes v him a bit and also Heyman claims he has actually respect because that Reigns and likewise feels he needs to call Ambrose the Lesnar is here tonight. Lesnar is likewise in a really bad mood, and also is in search of Ambrose. Ambrose fakes being afraid, and also asks Heyman for advice. Ambrose then says he’ll figure it out on his own and to call Lesnar not to do him wait this time.

– JoJo interviews brand-new Day. They room not impressed with Edge and also Christian, and also they deny she a preview the what they have actually planned for Sunday. Kofi claims E&C are out the style, and also mock your catchphrases. Castle then execute a preview that their success dance, for after they embarrass Edge and Christian.

Non-Title Match: Champion Charlotte w/Ric Flair vs. Natalya: bad Natalya gets no entrance. Natalya looks come outwrestle she early, hits a suplex and also then runs up her ago and hits the basement dropkick. Charlotte bails to the ropes and we acquire a advertising break.

Back indigenous the break as Natalya take it Charlotte come the mat. Natalya hit a suplex and also Charlotte escaped come the floor. Natalya followed and also ended up eating a boots to the face. Earlier in the ring as Charlotte operated the human body scissors ~ above Natalya, yet Natalya turned and powered to her feet and also Charlotte countered and got a cover for 2. Charlotte to let go a knee drop and also Natalya fight the clothesline and also then a German suplex. Natalya adhered to Charlotte to the floor, however Charlotte used the apron dress to trip up Natalya. Back in and also Charlotte got the figure eight and Natalya tapped.

6:52 via submission
Rating: *

– Charlotte mocked Brie by doing the correct chant, and also Brie then made her method out. Brie rushed the ring and they brawled. Brie worked the correct kicks and also then Ric pulled Charlotte to the floor. Brie led the crowd in yes chants together Ric threw a fit in ~ ringside.

– R-Truth to be apologizing to his wife on the phone for what occurred on Raw. Goldust appeared dressed a rapper, and also dropped part rhymes for Truth. Reality then rapped about Goldust gift a lunatic and also that they aren’t partners.

– Jericho vs. Layouts is main for Fastlane.

– We obtain a video clip on the Wyatt’s route of destruction, making use of AJ Styles’ dark AJ theme music native TNA.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Roman Reigns and also Dean Ambrose: Ambrose and Devon started things off, Ambrose controlled and got a near autumn off the a bulldog in the opening minute. Bubba tagged in and also slapped Reigns, and then challenged him to obtain in the ring. Reigns tagged in and also they traded shots, v Bubba gaining the much better initially, however then Reigns fought earlier and fight a neck breaker that had actually timing issues on both ends. Ambrose tagged in, castle cleared the end the Dudleyz and we top to the advertising break.

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Back from the commercial break together the Dudleyz worked the heat on Ambrose. They operated him over because that a bit, continuous tagging in and also out; it was fine however they retained talking around the brand-new Dudleyz, and they aren’t precisely working with big time aggression or utilizing overly heelish tactics. Lock were simply using old college tag team fundamentals. Ambrose was able to reduced off Bubba as he speak trash to Reigns, Bubba let go the splash turn off the ropes and also Reigns obtained the hot tag. That ran wild ~ above Devon, Cole compelled the “Roman Empire” bullshit together Reigns climate took treatment of Bubba together well. During the comeback, Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he and Heyman made their means out to the ring slowly. Reigns and Ambrose battled off the Dudleyz, but Lesnar assaulted Ambrose on the floor and that was good enough because that the DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
12:45 via DQ
Rating: **

– Reigns fight the floor and Ambrose came back, and also they both assaulted Lesnar. Back in the ring castle go and also Lesnar struggle German suplexes top top both the them. Reigns dealt with back, went for the spear but Lesnar moved and also Reigns struggle Ambrose. This resulted in them fighting, and Reigns hitting Ambrose v a Samoan drop. Lesnar hit the F5 on Reigns and stood tall. Triple H then appeared from the back and posed at the optimal of the ramp through the WWE Title. He looked pleased in ~ the carnage in the ring.