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A video package opens up the display focusing ~ above tonight’s Backlash rematch v AJ formats defending the WWE human being Championship against Dean Ambrose.

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The Smackdown intro hits. We go live to Quicken loans Arena.

Randy Orton is out very first to kick off the show. Orton take away a mic together a loud “RANDY” hymn starts up in Cleveland. “Bray Wyatt…I know why you choose to talk around fear.” Orton talks around Wyatt sneak attack people and he to know why Bray does this things. “You, yourself, room afraid,” said Orton. He said it is naught to be ashamed of. Orton talks about specific kinds the phobias favor heights, spiders and also snakes. He stated Bray Wyatt is afraid of him. Orton calls out Wyatt come the ring “if you’re male enough and also face her fears.”

The Wyatt family members graphic hits the screen and also the lights walk out. Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen. He has actually a story for Randy around Hansel and Gretel. Wyatt stated he has left behind his really own bread crumbs and it will certainly not leaving Randy home, yet rather the civilization Wyatt created. That calls self a God and also talks about how he makes the rules. Wyatt said Orton is in no place to make demands. “You want to ache me Randy? Come on. But hurry. Because the sands of time they wait because that no mortal man,” adds Wyatt.

Wyatt starts to sing he’s acquired the whole world in his hands and laughs. The lights come back on within the arena and also Orton pipeline the ring heading come the back.

Mauro Ranallo, JBL and also David Otunga talk around our WWE people Championship key event between champion AJ Styles and also challenger Dean Ambrose.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose is asked around tonight’s championship match. Ambrose said he has actually a the majority of things going with his mind. That talks around AJ styles bragging around beating john Cena at SummerSlam and also notes exactly how he to win Cena last week.

WWE Smackdown tag Team champions Heath Slater, Rhyno and also American Alpha vs. The Usos and also The Ascension in one eight male tag team match is up next.

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Eight male Tag Team MatchHeath Slater, Rhyno and also American Alpha vs. The Usos and The Ascension

We start with Jason Jordan and Jimmy Uso. Jordan through takedowns top top Jimmy. Chad Gable tags self in. Jordan fall Jimmy down and Gable functions over the left eight of Jimmy. Gable v a big takedown top top Jimmy and tags Jordan back in. Jimmy with a best hand and chop to Jordan. Jordan captures Jimmy v an elbow. Jordan through a twin leg takedown top top Jimmy and keeps him grounded working over the left arm. Tag come Jey Uso. Jordan flips the end of a twin arm drag attempt. Gable is in. Twin monkey flips through Alpha ~ above the Usos. Gable v an armbar end the height rope ~ above Jey. Gable v shots to Jimmy on the outside. Jey v a chop block to the negative knee/leg that Gable ~ above the outside.

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We return live through Jimmy functioning over Gable back inside the ring. Jimmy misses a shoot in the corner. Gable tosses both members that the Ascension out of the ring that jump in trying to reduced off a warm tag. Jimmy is stop Gable back. The Ascension pull Jordan turn off the ring apron. Rhyno through a dive top top Konnor and then a shooting on Viktor. Both Jimmy and Gable collide and also are down. The crowd is begging for a heath Slater warm tag. Hot tag come Slater! Slater through shots to both Usos. Slater v left jabs come Jey and also then a to run high knee. Leg lariat by Slater on Viktor and also a neckbreaker on Jey. Konnor division it up. Gable v a forearm ~ above Konnor and Rhyno catches him through a belly-to-belly. Viktor through a leaping uppercut ~ above Rhyno. Jordan clotheslines Viktor out. Jimmy with a superkick to Slater as soon as he tagged himself in. Jey adheres to it up through a jumping dropkick come the knee that Slater. Jimmy locks up the foot of Slater in a fifty percent Boston Crab submission. Slater taps.

Winners: The Usos and also The Ascension

Backstage, we watch John Cena walking around and also it’s revealed that is going come be at ringside for tonight’s main event. He said it doesn’t matter who go in No Mercy as champion since he will certainly walk out the brand-new 16-time champion.

We watch The Miz notified a poster of self holding the WWE Championship be put over a Lebron James poster. The fans in Cleveland boo this loudly.

Randy Orton is backstage in a dark area of the arena. He finds something made of a pole in the shape of an arrow pointing to a component of the backstage area. When the camera pans back, the arrowhead is pointing one more direction and we view a masking Erick Rowan.

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Backstage, Bray Wyatt stated Randy Orton was never great at following directions.

Natalya and Carmella vs. Nikki Bella and also Naomi

We begin with Naomi and Carmella. Naomi v a rapid headlock takedown. Carmella mocks Nikki doing her dance. Naomi through a drop toe hold and smacks Carmella. Naomi kicks Carmella away in the corner. Naomi through a dropkick ~ above Carmella and also tags in Nikki. Nikki through a jawbreaker to the knee. Carmella bails and also Natalya checks on her at ringside.

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We are earlier live and also Natalya hits a Michinoku Driver top top Naomi ~ above the outside. Earlier inside, Carmella gets the tag and also Carmella and Natayla twin team Naomi. Carmella locks increase the head that Naomi ~ above the center rope. Carmella mocks Nikki and also Natalya gets in a cheap shot. Naomi v a little package top top Carmella because that a two count. Carmella sends out Naomi to the corner confront first, charges and also connects v a modification Bronco Buster. Tag come Natalya as they both fight a dual northern lights suplex. Natalya it s okay a two count ~ above Naomi. Naomi with a role up on Natalya for a 2 count. Natalya cut off a warm tag to Nikki. Natalya with knees come Naomi in the corner. Naomi through an elbow come Carmella. Natalya through a dropkick come the confront of Naomi. Warm tag come Nikki. Nikki through a large shoulder tackle on Natalya and also follows that up through a kick to the head. Nikki through a edge clotheslines and then a springboard absent to the head. Carmella with a shot come the lower back of Nikki. Tag come Carmella. Nikki tosses Carmella inside the ring end the optimal rope. Nikki has Carmella up. Carmella rakes the eyes, kicks Naomi turn off the ring apron and Nikki sends out Carmella come the corner. Nikki v a forearm to Natalya. Carmella v a takedown right into a pinfall because that the win.

Winners: Natalya and also Carmella

After the match, Carmella trash talks Nikki Bella.

Backstage, we watch Randy Orton in a dark part of the arena. The sees a door that claims “I to be A God.” that sees another door that states “Predator or Prey.” Orton opens the door that claims “I to be A God” and finds a cardboard reduced out of himself within the room with the eyes reduced out. Orton then opens up the “Predator or Prey” door. We can see Erick Rowan waiting for that inside around the corner. Orton shuts the door and also leaves. We view Rowan trying to open up the door from inside the room.

The Miz’s Homecoming celebration is up next.

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The Miz’s Homecoming Celebration

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Maryse room headed to the ring. Once they acquire inside the ring, Miz raises his location up top top the corner and a huge display of pyro go off.

Maryse bring away a mic and also introduces the prodigal child of Cleveland, her Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. A video clip package airs focusing on The Miz’s WWE career.

Back live, Miz grabs a mic and also says, “Cleveland…I’m home.” that talks about the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Finals. Miz talks around millions arriving for the Cavs and also this is all he gets? he talks around this city being so desperate because that a title and embracing a traitor choose LeBron James. Miz talks about celebrating his human being tour as the reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE. That points out his parents sitting front row. Maryse lets Miz recognize that Dolph Ziggler’s parental are right here tonight as well. He claimed this night have to be tough for them due to the fact that they developed a loser.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and also he walks out to interrupt. Ziggler claims Miz can’t talk to his parents favor that and he can’t speak to his city either. He tells Miz to say it to his face. Miz talks about beating Ziggler over and over again. Ziggler brings up Miz cheating. Miz said the record publications will show every one of his location reigns, his hot wife and also Hollywood career. The asks what the record books will show about Ziggler. Miz bring up Ziggler continuing to losing and asks as soon as he to plan to provide up ~ above his “mediocre career.” the talks around Ziggler being the warmth up act and how his career makes him “absolutely sick.”

Miz speak Ziggler his parents and city should be embarassed of him. The talks around Ziggler just continuing to lose and actually feeling sorry because that him. Miz expects Ziggler come ask him because that one an ext match and also the price is no. He said unless Ziggler plan to offer up his career then he has actually nothing to say to him. Miz walks approximately Ziggler’s parents and adds, “You have to be for this reason proud.” Miz heads to the earlier with Maryse once Ziggler speak him come wait. The says whatever Miz claimed was right and also this ring is all he has. Ziggler stated some times points you love don’t constantly love girlfriend back. That talks about fans asking why the still go it. “You placed that title up one much more time…and I’ll placed up my entire career,” said Ziggler. Miz desires to clarify that Ziggler will without doubt put his job on the line and also wants come make sure he doesn’t walk to life or NXT, but he is gone from WWE due to the fact that of him. Ziggler claims the location or his career. “I one of two people walk out champion or I’m done. Either way. Either method I’ll be the end of my misery,” said Ziggler. Miz agrees to the title match in two weeks at No Mercy. He stated if Ziggler isn’t ready to cave up his career climate he will perform it for him. Miz drops the mic and also heads to the back.

Backstage, we see Dean Ambrose warming up because that the main occasion tonight.

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Backstage, Bray Wyatt is quiet addressing Randy Orton. He claimed the door is wide open. Wyatt speak Randy to it is in careful and starts laughing.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is making her entrance when Alexa Bliss assaults her indigenous behind. Bliss litter the confront of Lynch off the entrance ramp, bring away the Smackdown Women’s Championship and says she deserves it.

AJ layouts defends the WWE human being Championship versus Dean Ambrose later on tonight.

A brand-new Curt Hawkins video package airs. He has actually a huge announcement next week.

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Backstage, Bray Wyatt said he is disappointed in Randy Orton. “The viper has actually no fangs. The viper has no poison. I hoped for better.” the asks wherein Randy is. Us then view Orton was standing behind Wyatt with a mask on. Orton clears the mask together Wyatt is laughing. Orton starts attacking Wyatt. Wyatt operation away and Orton start laughing. Orton picks the mask back up and also takes a seat. He puts the mask earlier on and starts singing.

WWE people Champion AJ layouts talks backstage around his location defense up next. He talks around all eyes and also ears gift on the Presidential conflict last night and also how every eyes and also ears will certainly be ~ above AJ Styles. Formats proclaims he will retain tonight.

John Cena heads to the ringside area to sign up with Mauro, JBL and also Otunga ~ above commentary.

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WWE people Championship MatchAJ layouts (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

We gain ring introductions because that the challenger Dean Ambrose and also champion AJ Styles.

Ambrose with a takedown and also right hands early on Styles. Ambrose through chops to formats in the corner. Styles fires back with a kick to the face. Ambrose clotheslines layouts over the optimal rope. Ambrose tosses layouts on the notice table appropriate in former of man Cena. Ambrose throw some big right hands and also returns come the ring and also Styles slides off.

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We return live as formats has a headlock ~ above Ambrose maintaining him grounded. Styles and also Ambrose connect with a twin clothesline in the middle of the ring. Ambrose v shots ~ above Styles. Ambrose level with styles with a clothesline off the ropes. Styles captures Ambrose v a boot. Ambrose catches Styles leaping off the corner and connects v a backbreaker because that a two count. Ambrose counters a Calf Crusher effort by Styles and gets a Texas Cloverleaf submission applied. Styles pulls himself and also gets come the bottom rope. Styles with a jawbreaker on Ambrose off the height rope. Ambrose then catches Styles with a forearm sending him paris to the ring barricade. Ambrose with a suicide dive capturing Styles ~ above the outside. Ambrose tosses Styles back in and Styles rolls ago out. Ambrose goes as much as the height turnbuckle, jumps and takes out layouts at ringside v a paris elbow.

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As we return live us see layouts working end the left knee/leg that Ambrose. Throughout the break us see layouts drove the left knee the Ambrose right into the mat. Formats gets the Calf Crusher used on Ambrose. Ambrose find a means to escape. Styles goes for a formats Clash and Ambrose counters through a earlier body drop. Styles avoids Dirty Deeds, throws human body shots and Ambrose through a swinging neckbreaker. Styles and Ambrose exchange shots. Ambrose it s okay the far better of styles with elbows. Formats now it s okay the much better of Ambrose through body kicks. Styles with a jumping forearm, avoids a lariat indigenous Ambrose and Ambrose takes the earlier of formats driving him down in a former facebuster for a 2 count. Ambrose props layouts up top top the peak turnbuckle. Styles slides out, trips increase Ambrose, gets Ambrose up on his shoulders in a torture rack and also spins him off his shoulders right into a powerbomb because that a two count. Styles with a kick to the head of Ambrose and yells out “you’re next” at Cena. Ambrose crotches layouts up top top the height rope, gets up on the 2nd rope and also catches formats with a clothesline! layouts hangs on come the ropes and also connects with a Pele kick to Ambrose. Styles drags Ambrose out, it s okay on the ring apron, springboards up and also misses a 450 splash attempt. Ambrose is currently going increase top, jumps and connects through a paris elbow over Styles. Layouts kicks out. Ambrose v a right hand that sends layouts out of the ring. Ambrose launches self over the top rope, formats moves and then connects through a running high knee. Styles sends Ambrose in the ring and then gets in a cheap shot on Cena at ringside. Layouts springboards off the ropes, Ambrose moves, Cena is up on the ring apron, Ambrose has a role up, the referee is distracted, Cena jumps off, the referee counts the pinfall and Styles kicks out. Ambrose jumps out and also gets in a rapid shot on Cena on the outside. Ambrose is ago inside the ring and Styles rolfes himup to obtain the pinfall.

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Winner and still WWE civilization Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ layouts bails and also John Cena jumps in the ring. Cena gets in the confront of Dean Ambrose. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds and Cena counters right into an AA. Layouts is ago in and also goes for a layouts Clash on Cena. Cena counters and also hits an additional AA. Cena take away the WWE human being Championship and holds it above both Styles and Ambrose.