In the recent episode the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Iyers room shocked to understand that Param is the financer they had mortgaged their residence to. Param states that that is walk to stay in Iyers house and also Bala requests that to continue to be away from their family. However Param refuses to go and also says the will never ever leave your house.

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Ishita and also her mommy are shocked to understand that Bala had mortgaged their house. Ishita rushes come Simmi yet the latter says she cannot assist anybody. She climate asks Raman for help and speak him to address Param legally. He asks she to remain calm till the next morning. Param asks Bala come vacate his bedroom and also make an are for him. Ishita is worried and reaches home but is unable to come to any type of conclusion. Raman come over and tries to pacify Ishita. Bala is worried how will they come the end of this problem and decide come think around a way out soon.
Raman and also Mrs Bhalla room worried around Simmi. Ishita says Simmi is not shocked at all however she is the one that is to it is in blamed. Raman shouts in ~ Ishita for doubting his sister.
Alia asks Adi come drop she at Mani"s residence so the she deserve to talk to she father and aid Iyers eliminate Param soon. But Alia all of sudden feels sick and Mrs Bhalla thinks that Alia is pregnant. Adi is no happy with the news and also asks his wife to walk for an abortion if the news is true.
Ishita notifies everyone that Alia is not pregnant and it to be stomach infection. Ishita is shocked to recognize that Adi is unhappy v pregnancy. Adi speak Ishita the he is not ready for any type of other responsibility.

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