Toast that London star Shazad Latif has spoken of his hopes for Clem Fandango to receive a more significant role in the show’s forthcoming return.

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Shooting is at this time underway on Toast that Tinseltown, which watch Steven Toast (Matt Berry) heading to Hollywood because that a last shot at the big-time.

Toast will certainly face challenges once again from sound technician Clem, that memorably triggered Steven to commonly shout “YES I have the right to HEAR you CLEM FANDANGO” together he videotaped a an option of voiceovers transparent the show’s run.


Describing his wishes for the show’s return on BBC, Latif called “I desire to take it to the next level, i don’t want to perform what civilization think Clem will do. I desire to see where we have the right to take his costumes, and also I want to acquire him the end of the booth more! That’s my dream.”

He added: “In collection three ns slept with Steven’s wife and there to be a little bit of Freemason stuff that I’d choose to destruction deep into a bit more.”

While Latif hadn’t seen the script at the moment of‘s interview, that predicted the fans deserve to expect a “silly, ridiculous and also hilarious” outing because that Matt Berry’s comic creation.

“Toast should seemingly do really well over there in Hollywood, but I suppose that there will be points that stop him native doing so, me being one of them!” that said.

Berry confirmed that manufacturing was underway previously this month by share a photo on Twitter that proved him in costume.


He is co-writing the series alongside Father Ted scribe Arthur Mathews as soon as more.

Act 4…

— Matt Berry (
porksmith) July 6, 2021

“It was a thrill to be writing Toast again after a long gap,” Mathews said previously this year.

“Hollywood is a brave brand-new world for Toast. There will be triumphs and tribulations (but mainly tribulations – and indeed humiliations).”

Berry added: “I can not be an ext thrilled to not only be working through Arthur and also the rest of the Toast family members again, but to additionally be taking the present to the BBC, which I recognize Toast self would very much approve.”

An airdate for Toast the Tinseltown is however to it is in confirmed.


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