Does he understand who girlfriend are?Does he laugh, simply to knowWhat that has?Does he understand not come talkAbout her dad?Does he understand when you"re sad?You don"t choose to be touched,Let alone kissed.Does he recognize where your lips begin?Do you recognize who friend are?Do you laugh, simply to thinkWhat i lack?Do you recognize your lip shakesWhen you"re mad?And execute you an alert when you"re sad?You don"t choose to it is in touched,Let alone kissed.Does his love make your head spin?

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My InterpretationThis is my translate on the tune which I"ve made through literary analysis and my own life experiences....Hopefully it"s somewhat close.Does he understand who friend are?Does the laugh, just to knowWhat that has?Well "he" obviously describes her brand-new boyfriend. Now the very first line way one of two things it might be 1) just how she"s for this reason important, in the sense like as soon as Keaton was with her that knew her value or 2) go "he" know her choose Keaton did and also it"s not simply a "met in ~ a bar and also has she number" thingThe next line I can only assume method this does "he" just laugh or take any type of brief minute to realize that he"s with and also how she"s so important.Does he understand not to talkAbout your dad?Does he recognize when you"re sad?Now the "father thing" has actually a many speculation with the whole line "you don"t favor to it is in touched." however I met a girl choose this a she didn"t favor talking around her dad due to the fact that he travel a many (for work) and also she"d always fear he"d never ever come earlier home. So this line can be taken any way, the only person who to know what that truly method is Keaton. The following line I think refers come this, fine Keaton to know he"ll never have actually "her" again, so he deserve to only hope "He" can take care of her (Like know when she"s sad to lull her).You don"t favor to be touched,Let alone kissed.This is one more line that have the right to sort of it is in taken lot of ways. It can have to perform with an occasion between her and also her father, or it might be entirely different in the feeling I myself had actually a girlfriend that wasn"t comfortable v physical affection. Since she valued that a lot, in the sense she valued kisses over something else such together sex. So, this translate is best to be taken your own means to offer the song more definition to you.Does he recognize where your lips begin?I believe this line basically repeats the meaning of the first line that the song. Does he know you in ~ all, is this brand-new guy simply a male or is he an ext can the take treatment of girlfriend etc. Ns think that"s sort of what Keaton"s asking. (He might additionally be asking "How close go he acquire with you?" physically etc)Do you understand who girlfriend are?Do girlfriend laugh, simply to thinkWhat i lack?The very first line is a repeat so simply look back on that. The second sentence i think is his anger coming out. Usually saying "Are you happy currently (Is she "happy now"), now that you"ve bring away the most vital thing in my life (her).?" do you recognize your lip shakesWhen you"re mad?And perform you an alert when you"re sad?This following sentence has actually a bit more sorrow to it. Some human being have said it to be him mocking her. Yet I view it as him remembering her in a means and questioning her a question. The concern being "Does he know you, can he care for you, is he an excellent enough for you?" and then there"s the component where you"d notice the small details in a relationship like as soon as one"s lips shake if she was mad. Other Keaton remembers and something he put right into this song. In my mind I deserve to imagine that remembering it (and crying possibly), as he remembers the little things about her. But those beautiful small things, the made her special and beautiful. The following line is simply a repeat i m sorry holds the same meaning as the question the previous line asked.You don"t favor to it is in touched,Let alone kissed.Repeated lines, simply look back to it.Does his love make her head spin?(I think this repeats three times)This one heat holds plenty of meanings. And also is most likely one of the most an individual things he"s composed (yes the end of all his songs). I watch it as him finally being "alright" with the present he have the right to never have her again. Also an alert how this last concern isn"t more about exactly how this brand-new boyfriend has the characteristics of someone that deserves her. Yet it"s much more of a inquiry straight to her saying "Are you happy with him? do him? ns hope you"re happy...." This might be a tiny bit misinterpreted, however that"s can simply be because I"m using an ext of a personal connection quite than a literal connection to come up v "this meaning." final thoughts (my own personal thoughts, basically how this song renders me feel) :I miss my ex-girlfriend. I"ve been wondering if she"s moved on or just how she"s been. I love her, i still perform I know I have the right to live without her but I never ever wanted to. In the end I expect wherever she is she"s happy.Also examine out "Goodbye mine lover" by James Blunt. It"s a different style yet it also has the very same "I can"t think you"re actually....gone" feeling towards it. It"s precious checking out.