In the sixteenth illustration of the very first season of Arrested Development, "Altar Egos," we see young Michael Bluth together a lawyer in a play (and again later in the tenth illustration of season three, "Fakin" It"):

Narrator: In bespeak to meet an English requirement, Michael showed up in the Drama Club’s production of an initial play, “The trial of Captain Hook.”

Young Michael: (singing) / you a crook, Captain Hook / / Judge, won’t you throw the publication at the pirate... /


Logic says they wouldn"t set up a shoot that intricate for about nine secs of a joke, however maybe castle would. Is over there any added footage that this play past what we check out in these two episodes?


In Season 4, episode 1, "The attempt of Captain Hook" is revisited with added footage (15:00 minute in). Here, Peter pan is bumping right into the seal (of the court) while flying, Buster phone call out about the recently dislodged "Loose seal" and also then Lucille (being oblivious come this development) erroneously believing Buster is calling her for attention.

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It is unclear whether this is brand-new footage (on a recreated set) or if the is previously unaired footage. I speculate the the courtroom and play to be older, formerly un-aired footage edited in through new, original reaction scenes v Kristin Wiig.

For more insight into this comedy, check out this page around Hidden Jokes from Ep 1 & 2.



As far as I have the right to tell there is no an ext footage. The DVDs carry out not incorporate it together a special feature or in the deleted/extended scenes.

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It is possible that a little more footage to be shot 보다 actually aired, however, your logic the they wouldn"t set up a shot prefer that because that a couple of seconds of clip is not really true. Arrested advance was infamous for having actually high ambitions and also being an expensive present to film (that"s component of the reason it was cancelled).


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exactly how do the authors of a display make so numerous incredible concealed references across episodes and seasons that a display like Arrested Development?

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