Sometimes life come at a human being I care about in ways that an obstacle anyone’s capacity to cope. When my actions, or theirs, have actually no strength to readjust those circumstances, all I have the right to offer is presence and also concern. And also prayer.

But when I call someone, “My thoughts and also prayers are with you,” or “I’ll save you in mine prayers,” what does that really mean? and also what go that human want when they asking me to remember castle in my prayers?

We every have different hopes and also expectations, as we have differing experience of prayer. However I view at the very least seven things conveyed as soon as I sell to pray because that you:

1) it acknowledges the crisis and pain in her life

2) It says that i am concerned around you, i am through you in her suffering, and also I i will not ~ forget about you once we part

3) that recognizes that our lives are subject to points we cannot control, and also that we share that place of vulnerability

4) it reminds united state both that we have access to spiritual strength that helps see us with the challenges that life brings

5) that holds faith in the possibility of strength and healing, in part form, through means we can not predict or understand

6) that points come an interconnected web of life strong enough to contain suffering and still host beauty, meaning, and also love

7) It guarantees that you room not alone

A promise to pray is itself a sort of prayer, yet I don’t think the promise is fulfilled merely in do it. In my next post, ok talk around how we could pray for someone.

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dana said:

Do no say ” You’re in my prayers” to a person who is experiencing or has a family members member the is suffering, if you do NOT intended on actually sitting down and praying for these individuals. It’s a FALSE feeling of protection for this ppl. Think about how many children that have died and also how countless ppl called this childs parents ” you’re kid is in my prayers”… A an extremely over used phrase…

W. Callahan said:

Your post is good. The difficulty in prayer is as soon as we want to adjust the previous or comes by prayer. I believe that a loving God has actually our future in his hands. Rather of praying because that change, let us pray in many thanks for what we have.


William J. Callahan

Brian said:

Saying “my thoughts and also prayers are with you” is not a prayer itself. By saying that, you are trying to lull the other person and letting them understand that you feel negative for lock or the situation. But, that is false comfort. The lull comes because they think the you are really praying for them. It need to not simply be a saying, it should be one action. I have been walk through challenging times lately, and I don’t desire to listen “my thoughts and also prayers space with you.” You can say “my thoughts space with you”, however don’t provide me a false feeling of comfort and say the I’m in your prayers and also then friend don’t pray. I would lot rather you pray because that me or the situation and also then phone call me “I prayed because that you.”

It’s not enough to simply say it, execute it!


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Jane said:

Hi B S Salmon

I agree through you, quick daily prayers questioning God to help them is really genuine.Telling them your prayer ideal away is better, example:my thoughts are with you, (may God organize you and also your family in the Palm of His Hand and also comfort you throughout this an overwhelming time, amen.)