I have actually heard many world say "shouldn"t it it is in ..." once correcting someone yet today i was composing a officially email and I go not want to use any shorthand notation so i tried to increase it together "should no it be ..." yet this sounds wrong come me. Instead, "should it not be ..." sounds correct. Ns am wonder if this is a weird exception where the shorthand notation renders no feeling if we tried to increase it together it is without restructuring the sentence. Are there more such examples?

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As you have noticed, contractions prefer shouldn"t are not the same syntactically together their full versions.

Syntactically, shouldn"t etc. Behave prefer auxiliaries (eg should): they precede the subject once there is an reverse (eg in questions).

Should not is not one word, and does no behave favor one word. The should is the auxiliary and also precedes the subject as soon as there is one inversion. The not is another component of the verb string, normally adhering to the very first auxiliary (I am no seeing him; I will not be see him; I should not have actually been seeing him), yet in reverse it adheres to the subject.


The native order "Should not it be" is not incorrect, but it is a bit dated. The contraction yet remained out of convenience, and it"s not intended to be broadened directly. This is no at every an exception. For instance:

Couldn"t that be...Hadn"t the been...Wouldn"t you have...None the these room idiomatic when broadened in place.


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