God"s love can be found in whatever from the clouds over our heads to the things that come out of the clouds.

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I love clouds. I view them as God’s perpetual art show. I regularly joy in the display He’s created for me and thank Him for it.

Psalm 36:5 reads: “Your love, LORD, reaches come the heavens, your faithfulness come the skies.” This verse expresses my feeling once I reap the skies over us.I recently had actually delightful, strange, and also wonderful endure of oh my god love coming down from the heavens.

Some years ago we rescued a dog called Uriah. Provided that my surname is David this is a one-of-a-kind blessing come me in the David gets to be kind to Uriah top top a daily basis. I love him and take the for 2 walks daily. Once walking him ns quote the 23rd Psalm and also stop on every line to comment on how that line uses to me that day. My walks v Uriah space a precious part of mine day. I lug a plastic bag to choose up Uriah’s deposits. I regularly pick up other deposits and bits that trash on or close to the street. Ns love the community I live in.

Thursday to be my birthday. Top top the street the day was something the looked favor a bit of trash. I quit to choose it up. It was a popped balloon attached come a lengthy string. It said “Happy Birthday.” I virtually cried. I was so touched.I’ve never ever picked increase a popped balloon before and also to think that on my date of birth there would be this message from the heavens wait there for me. I took it together a blog post from God.It may seem choose a silly thing to write about, but since coming to Northlands Church I see God in different ways than I supplied to. Before, God to be this all-powerful creator unhappy that mankind just won’t protect against sinning. Currently I watch God together a love Father. His desire is to pleasure me and for me to delight in Him. He wants a relationship where we reap each other and do points together. Together we carry out things together his desire is to usage me come bless others. He desires me come share through others how much he loves them.Some may think my birthday balloon is a silly coincidence, but I deserve to tell you this: i don’t think it was. I think is was simply a sweet article from God and it did make my date of birth happier. Anyone bought that balloon for your child had no idea exactly how it would bless a 66 year old man.


Father God, give thanks to you for her tender love and also the method you display it in the sky above us and in the basic things you execute to joy us daily.

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