If you read my previous write-up then you recognize we received our CTD diagnosis in ~ 9 months old. If you didn’t… well, now you know. If you’re analysis this post, odds are your child likewise has just acquired a diagnosis, and I recognize one the your best questions is “When will certainly they struggle this milestone? How far behind space they gonna be?” Well, ns can give you the answer come that as soon as you present me two the same purple snowflakes.Each child is so an extremely different. Don’t compare, you’ll walk crazy. What I have the right to tell girlfriend to do is quickly call special angels dubbed Physical and Occupational therapists.

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I have concerned find the end that in Lilah’s situation we were lucky. Us were among the fortunate couple of who obtained a referral for beforehand intervention. How early? 5 month old.

Did i think i was happy at the time? No. Go I reap letting strangers occupational my baby girl so tough that she cried in pain during sessions? absolutely not. Was i happy the as shortly as the people who were an alleged to help her left she would autumn asleep? Well… yeah kinda, I mean I do occupational a full time night project so… We choose naps! (Haha) however knowing that it take it so lot out the her that she would just lay under on the floor and also go to sleep ache my love a little. Perform you understand what occurred a month ~ we began therapy? Lilah could sit all on her own! in ~ 6 months! we hit the milestone reasonably on time! Now could she gain herself right into sitting native laying? No. That took us an additional 7 month to master. You watch these youngsters teach girlfriend patience.

Now i am no a very patient woman and also I quickly get frustrated and vent. Who carry out I vent to? her therapists. She has both a physical and also an work therapist. 2 of the kindest females I’ve ever before met.

Recently us approached our 1 year anniversary with them. A year earlier these strangers came right into my house and fell in love v my daughter. Lock would perform anything to see her thrive. Once she go something for me that us just functioned an hour on v them, I’ll text them v videos and also pictures, and also you know what’s amazing? this strangers are simply as elated, proud and also joyous as I am as her mother. Ns share mine ups and also downs through these women. No only have they constantly been there because that Lilah, lock have always been there because that me together well.

They confirmed me just how to usage her arm immobilizers to strengthen she arms enough to push up and also hold her own body weight. The an initial time Lilah driven up she to be 6 month old, and also at 13 month she can support herself in hands and also knees (crawling position)… it’s sluggish progress, however it’s progress.

They showed me exactly how to use her foot immobilizers to help teach her to stand. At 15 month my daughter stood for 8 seconds ALL by HERSELF! I have the right to finally… FINALLY… organize my baby’s hand and aid her take 4 or 5 steps without any type of equipment!

They celebrated with me once at 9 months old she finally learned to role from belly to back! They REJOICED v me once at 16 months she took her an initial steps front in a walker!

I have actually been teach so countless things by these wonderful human being who care so much about my daughter! yet the most crucial lesson they repeat me weekly of is, “Progress is progress, that doesn’t matter how much. Forward is forward, it doesn’t issue the speed.”

I’m forever indebted to this angels, these unique caregivers, these strangers who helped push my baby girl to whereby she is now.

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If over there is any type of “advice” I deserve to give… if you’re noticing delays, FIGHT because that therapy. As soon as you’re in therapy prevent comparing your son to your sisters, cousins, or next-door neighbors baby. Push your child to their limits when YOU work-related with them due to the fact that lord knows they will push you ideal back. It’s OK come cry, whether her child hurts from therapy, or the baby a year younger 보다 yours began crawling today, just don’t DWELL there. NEVER acquire frustrated through progress.

“Progress is progress, that doesn’t matter exactly how much. Forward is forward, that doesn’t matter the speed.”