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User Agent: (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:65.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/65.0

Steps come reproduce:

When i come throughout a minimal old video, I can not click the "I understand and also I desire to continue" button, it just does no work.

You are watching: Youtube i understand and wish to proceed not working

step 1: making use of firefox,search a minimal video 2: try to click in "i understand and i desire to continue"step 3: fail

Actual results:

Button doesn't working

Expected results:

Button working


Hi :soqueromostrarobug,

I deserve to not blee your concern in latest Firefox 65.0.1. "I understand and wish to proceed" button woks fine and also your provided minimal YouTube video clip is play fine on windows 7 in mine machine.

You can shot with safe setting turned top top ( so the we can exclude that add-ons space not leading to this issue.

If that still doesn't resolve your difficulty then you can try with a new profile (

Let us know, if these steps solves her problem.

Thank you for taking your time to file this issue!

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Mohammad Maruf Rahman


3 years earlier

Comment 2

3 years earlier

Hello, ns tried to use firefox in safe mode, however the difficulty continues, I execute not recognize if girlfriend can because of windows 7 (I very own windows 10), however I will continue to look because that the solution, give thanks to you.

See more: You Two Careful He Is A Big, You Two Careful, He Is A Big

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Timea Cernea <:tbabos>

Comment 3

3 years ago

Hi soqueromostrarobug,

Is this issue still reproducible?

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Timea Cernea <:tbabos>

Comment 4

3 years ago

Marking this as Resolved: Incomplete due to the absence of response from the reporter.If the concern is tho reproducible with the latest Firefox version, feel totally free to reopen the pest with more information.

Closed: 3 years ago
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