Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB

Developer: Konami computer system Entertainment JapanPublisher: KonamiPlatforms: video game Boy, Super game Boy, video game Boy ColorReleased in JP: April 13, 2000

This video game has unused graphics.

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This game has a hidden sound test.

After Death-T, Yami Bakura controls Kaiba because that revenge ~ above Yugi. Likewise there"s Capsule Monsters, Duel Monsters, and crucial hits and fumbles.

Sound Test


Game Genie code 09B-56D-E6A or GameShark code 010900C2 will start the video game in a sound test.

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Unused Palettes

Game Genie password ??B-E99-08B will replace the key palette with one of three unused palettes. The key palette is additionally loaded prior to the Konami logo, so second screen may have actually been planned. The 3rd palette is a contempt greener version of the second.

Unused color pension 1


ID: 48

Unused palette 2


ID: 58

Unused palette 3


ID: 68

Game boy (Color)Game boy AdvancePlayStationPlayStation 2Android, iOS, Windows
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