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Hear me out, guys:

Theory: i don’t think that was their first kiss. The was just their very first onscreen kiss.

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In the scene wherein Yuuri to be crying, Victor asked the if he have to kiss him, rather casually too (props come Victor because that ACTUALLY questioning FOR CONSENT and also not simply swooping in, you’re cool man).


And returns Victor’s loving, expertise gaze with one of his own.

We have actually seen Yuuri obtain flustered in ~ lesser things (such together being inquiry to it is in Victor’s lover), If it to be their very first kiss, he would be an ext shocked, and for a longer time, than he was. The boy didn’t even blush, goddamnit.

Edit:In situation you needed more proof, I just want to add that once Yuuri said “no” as soon as Victor request if he have to kiss him, he didn’t simply say no. The Japanese native he offered is “chigau” (違う). This isn’t an outright “no” of rejection or anythingbecause the word means “that’s different” or “that’s no right”. That can be understood as “this is various right now, and what you’re act isn’t what I want you to do right now”. Yuuri isn’t surprised or disgusted, and hasn’t refused the kiss itself; rather, he simply doesn’t desire it in ~ this time. It’s his way of telling Victor that he is absent the allude (and climate he go on to define what the suggest is, as presented in the screencaps above).

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Another Edit: Here’s some proof from episode 6 I discovered to additional strengthen this theory.